Welcome to Our Class!

Mr. Van Norman

Dear students, parents, friends, faculty, etc.,

My name is Mr. Van Norman and I am very pleased to have you view my newsletter. In this newsletter, you will be able to see my background and educational experience, my expectations and classroom procedures, along with my reasons for teaching. You will also be able to find my contact information. I want you to be involved with your student's education as much as possible, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding my classroom, your student, or anything else that intrigues you. Lastly, I want your student's educational experience to be the best it can possibly be so they can reach their full potential toward success. So let's work together to make this dream a reality!

Mr. Van Norman

Who I am...

I was born and raised in a rural town of Whitewater, WI to a small family of four. My parents continue to live in Whitewater while my older sister lives in New York City. I grew up with many animals including horses, dogs, cats, and even a goat. I greatly enjoy the outdoors including hiking and biking, along with sports such as football and basketball. I also enjoy playing with a multitude of instruments such as guitar, ukelele, and piano.

I attended the University of Dubuque where I studied Elementary Education with endorsements in Reading K-8 and Instructional Strategist I K-8. I also was involved with Campus Ministry as a Bible Study leader and Worship Leader, along with being a member of the choir. Currently I am a member of the Alpha Chi honors society and Phi Delta Kappa education honors society. I have been blessed with many different opportunities to work with children in a variety of environments such as students with special needs from elementary to high school, coaching 4th and 5th grade basketball and track, multicultural students in before school programs, and many more.

I have various reasons as to why I chose to commit my work to the teaching profession. But the single most important influence was that I felt that there was a void in terms of inspired and committed teachers. Throughout my experiences as a student and observer, I found that too many teachers are growing complacent over time. This complacency has transformed into "less than their best," which is a disservice to our students. I have chosen to become a teacher so that no student receives a "less than best" education. I vow to put forth 100% effort to ensure that my students receive the best education available, the education they deserve.

My hope is that my variety of experiences with students of all kinds will help make the most accepting and stimulating environment possible for my students.


Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 9am-2:15pm

350 East 3rd Street

Dubuque, IA

Students will be engaged with the most interactive and stimulating exhibits that Dubuque has to offer, as well as experiencing the 4D theater. It will be a day full of learning and fun, leaving the students with knowledge and memories that could last a lifetime!

Mr. V's Expectations


Golden Rule

Students will treat their classmates the way themselves wish to be treated.


Respect yourself, your teacher, your classmates, your peers, and your superiors, and you will gain respect from them.


Students can't control the skills and abilities that they have been given, but they can control their amount of effort. I guarantee that students who put forth the most effort will see positive results.


Students will have their own beliefs and opinions, and we will accept and attempt to understand these differences in order to create a safe environment for all.


The tools to success require preparation. Students will come to class prepared physically and mentally in order to achieve their fullest potential.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Let's make this the best year it can possibly be!