Sumatra Earthquake/Tsunami

Shawn Egan 3/4

What? Where? When?

There was an earthquake followed by a tsunami on December 26, 2004 in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Extra Information

The earthquake is the third strongest magnitude since the 1900's at 9.1. There were the most deaths from as tsunami at 227, 898 dead or missing. The earthquake happened 160km off of sumatra's coast and was 30km deep under the ocean. Although it was extremely powerful, it was only 50cm tall, 500km long, and very, very fast.

What Plates?

The earthquake was in a subduction zone, with the Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. One plate went under, causing friction between the two, resulting in an earthquake.

What should I do?

  • Create an emergency kit
  • Meet with family to decide on evacuation plan
  • Be ready to pick up kids at school if it is part of their emergency plan
  • Know the height of your street
  • Turn on your radio for a tsunami warning if you live by the coast of a body of water

  • Follow evacuation plan
  • Move to as high of ground as you can
  • Stay away from beach
  • Prioritize yourself and family before other items
  • Help neighbors who may be in need(elderly, wheelchair, etc.)

  • Return home only if officials say it is safe
  • Avoid where the tsunami hit the hardest
  • Stay away from debris in the water
  • Check yourself and make sure there are no major injuries
  • Wear protective clothing while cleaning up afterwards