by nanako & jedelyn


Snowshoes were firsts originated in central Asia in around 4000 B.C.Snowshoes were mainly used for travel in the winter because aboriginals didn't have cars so they had to go by foot to wherever they wanted to go to

how snowshoes are made

  • For the best snowshoes, the wood is carefully split by hand. However, most people rely on wood cutting at a sawmill, for reasons of cost. The person checks the wood for poor grain and large knots, and removes any wood that is not the right quality. Then the wood is steamed, to make it bendable. When the wood is soft enough, the person bends the wood into the shape of the snowshoe frame. The frames are then dried, usually in a hot room. This takes two to seven days.
  • 2 After the frames have dried completely, the person sands them. Holes are drilled for the lacing, and two wooden cross pieces are inserted.
  • 3 Lacing is usually done by professional workers. Lacing with rawhide is usually done in the snowshoe factory, since the rawhide can go bad it has to be kept under certain conditions. Neoprene does not spoil, and many people hire workers to do neoprene lacing in their homes. A professional lacer can finish up to ten pairs of snowshoes in one day. The laces are laced in a specific pattern and pulled tightly through the holes in the rim of the frame. A heavier lacing is usually used for the center portion of the shoe, directly under the foot.
  • 4 The worker who laces the snowshoe usually also do the binding, which is the arrangement of straps that holds the foot to the snowshoe. Then, the snowshoes are returned to the factory and checked. They do another period of drying. Next, they are boxed and shipped to stores.

difference from now and then

where its used

it was used mostly in the snowy areas.

who uses it

the people who mostly used snowshoes were tribes and clans who traveled a lot all year around

how snowshoes are used

snowshoes are used by wearing a special boot and slip your foot into the binding and walk on the snow.

different types of snowshoes