Outsider's Soundtrack

By: Zachary King Period 6

We Are Family by Sister Sledge

This song is the scene in the beginning when Ponyboy talked and described the rest of the gang. When he was done describing the rest of the gang members he said that they were like brothers. This scene made me think of song because of the lyrics "We are family"
Sister Sledge - We Are Family

Save Me by Remy Zero

This next song is the part of the outsiders when the Socs jumps Ponyboy. In Ponyboy's thoughts were scattered. He did not know what to do but he really wanted help from someone even if they wern't in the gang. That is what made me think of this song because the lyrics are "Somebody save me".
Remy Zero - Save Me (Oficial Video) HD

Collapse by Ignite

The next song is the part of the outsiders when Ponyboy and Johnny are running away from the fuzz. I thought of this song when I read this because it was a fast paced moment in the story any this is a fast paced song.
Collapse - Ignite (Dubstep)

Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney

The next song is the part of the book is when the gang finds out that Johnny has died. This song came to my mind when I was read this part of the song because it was probably the most soulful and deep part of the book and so is the beginning of this song.
live and let die- paul mccartney

Carry On by F.U.N.

This song is representing the time after the gangs finds out the Johnny has died. After the gang found out this information they were depressed and gloomy. This part of the book made me think of this song because in the beginning of the music video I thought of the boys. Also because when the boys found out this information they struggled to go on and this made me feel like this song would help the kids to keep moving on or Carry On.