Toddler Classroom

October Newsletter


Happy Birthday to:

Sierra - 10/1

Nicholas - 10/28

In the Classroom

We have put out some new pumpkin works and added fall colors to the room. We will be learning about pumpkins and trees.

Tip for parents: Now is the time to follow through with your children. When you ask them to do or not do something, it's important for you to follow through. This is when they begin to learn who the boss is in the household.


Drop offs - These should be short and sweet. Consider what is best for all of the children – the children that are already there as well as your own. Don’t give your child the impression you will hang around and wait for them to calm down. The longer drop off is stretched, the harder it is on the child. If you’re having trouble letting go, ask the teacher for help. They are masters at finding something most any child finds irresistible to take his or her mind off your leaving. Keep a smile on your face. Even young children can read your expression and body language, so keep your voice positive and encouraging.

Lunches -

  • Please cut grapes into quarters as they are a choking hazard.
  • Please send a place mat and a small cup in your child's lunchbox. Children do best when their lunch boxes and food containers are easy for them to open and close on their own.

All Species Day - Wed, October 28th

Please bring your child's costume in a bag. We will assist your child in putting it on just before the parade. Please remember that All Species Day is to celebrate any living species. Please do not send commercial or fictional character costumes and no masks. For obvious reasons, please do not send a scary costume. Thank you for you cooperation.

Please click here... for more details about our All Species Day festivities.

For Small Hands

Please support our 2015 For Small Hands Fundraiser. With every order you make Little Oaks Montessori will receive a 10-15% credit. Order now, before the Holiday season hits and purchase Montessori based games, toys and materials for your home. Catalogs are available on top of the cubby shelf. Your assistance means so much to the teachers but even more to the children who will reap the benefits. Click here... for more details.