April Staff Newsletter

Spring Cleaning

Our agreed on theme this month is "Spring Cleaning." This was inspired by finding so many miscellaneous craft supplies and other random items in the storage closet that need to be used up. They have all been moved to the kitchen supply closet. Some items are labeled to help identify what they are. Be creative, let the kids be creative, and have fun. Just take a peak in the closet to gain inspiration or pintrest/google projects/games about a specific items and see where that takes you!

Ms. Carlie used ice cream cones, wax beads, and pom poms to make ice cream cone art Monday. Ms. Sarah started the week using paint - which we have PLENTY of!

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I will be happy to go shopping for new supplies once these are used up.

You will know summer schedules, etc as soon as we do!

Water Safety

Spring break was a success with the children having many health and safety training opportunities. At Westwood health center they learning water safety and rescue tips. Review sheets were sent back with us and I would greatly appreciate it if each staff read them as it is good to review these items often.

Congrats to Abbie for lifeguard certification!!!

Visiting Students

We are working with an autism support organization to help integrate students on the spectrum into social settings. Starting Tuesday, April 26th the 2 brothers (Ethan and Eli) will join us from about 4-5:30 for 6 consecutive Tuesdays. They will likely be in the rec room group. Their therapist, Jessica, will accompany them and pull them as well as maybe other children for focus skill training mini-sessions. Please help us welcome them and integrate them into our program. At this point it seems they also want to keep the disability aspect private so the answer to the kids is Ms. Jessica is a visiting teacher and the boys just come on Tuesdays. They go to Waukesha Christian private school. They are higher functioning too and should integrate into the group smoothly. 4th and 5th grade I think.


She will no longer be attending. Collaborative decision between us and parents due to her upcoming work with new doctors and treatment plans. Hopefully she will be able to return in the fall.

If you know anyone looking to possibly babysit her at home after school I know the family is in need of backup caregivers. Just let me know and I will pass the names along.