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April 4th - 8th

What Happened Last Week..

We started our bug theme last week. We started our new anchor book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They enjoyed watching the caterpillar eat all the different foods on each day of the week. We worked on sequencing what the caterpillar ate on each day of the week. We also worked on answering questions regarding our story.

What Will Happen This Week...

We will continue our bug theme. We will continue to read our anchor book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will continue to answer questions about our story and learning the days of the week. We will continue to sequence the events of the story and learning the different food that the caterpillar eats on each day of the week.

Matt and Molly

Get that Fly:

A copy of the story was sent home in your child's backpack :)

Extension Activities:

*Read the story and ask questions

*Work on opposites (i.e. the window is open, the opposite is closed, the fly is high, the opposite is low, etc.) This helps expand your child's vocabulary by using concepts

*Work on prepositions (i.e. the flyswatter is ON Molly's head, the fly came IN the window, etc.) This helps expand your child's vocabulary by using concepts

Table Time

Monday - Small Groups: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bingo

Tuesday - Paper plate butterfly - paint paper plate blue, cut two triangles, glue on body of butterfly; using a tool to paint, hand strengthening to squeeze glue.

Thursday - MOTOR GROUP- Our occupational and physical therapist will be implementing theme-oriented fine and gross motor activities during this time.

Friday - Butterfly Life Cycle Sequencing


*April 20 and April 21-No School: Parent teacher conferences (look for a sign up sheet in your child's backpack....choose your TOP 3 choices ) Book Fair will also be there during these times

*April 20 and April 21-Book Fair: Families can start ordering on 4/8 through 4/28. The books will be delivered to school (about a week or 2 after the 28th) and there is a larger selection online than there is actually at the fair for families

*April 22-No School!!

*April 21 and April 28-Read from the Start

*Check out Merrell's Message-a blog done by our Assistant Principal Kristen Merrell

Below is the link to the Great Beginnings website. Please refer to the calendar for the updated events.




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