1920's Research Project

Red Scare: The Sacco and Vanzetti Case

Communism is a political and economic movement where all its actions are controlled by a totalitarian state. People are afraid of communism because they don't want to controlled for everything they do. Nor do they want to feel like they're being lead in life by fear.

Automobile 1: The Life and Times of Henry Ford

Henry Ford, most people know his name by his famous car company. But he has done more than that. He had created the assembly line (a way of working so that only one person has to do the same thing repetitively until the assembly is finished). The assembly line changed the lives of factory workers by producing the items faster and they hired less workers.

Automobile 2: The New World of Automobility

The automobile changed society by letting people live in the suburbs while still being able to work in the cities. They had also made transportation faster. The automobile had also let people have privacy.

The Mass Media 1: Radio

Because of the radio, many people had come together with pop culture. So someone from New York could be listening to the same thing as someone from Florida. It spread news faster than ever before and pop culture such as Babe Ruth and baseball would make a huge impact on culture.

The Mass Media 2: The Birth of Movies and Movie Stars

The first movie that came out in 1927 was a silent movie. Usually starting Charlie Chaplin. Just like the radio, movies brought people together.

Changing Roles of Women