Island School PTA Newsletter

December 2014

Message from the Co-chairs

Dear Parents,

The Winter Fair was everything that it promised to be. The Island School spirit was there in good measure & it was heartwarming to see the parent community, school staff & students working together.

A special “THANK YOU” to our fabulous Fairs Coordinator Becky Brown for effortlessly planning & executing the event. Truly a commendable job! Besides ensuring that the PTA continues to have the much needed resources for its various initiatives, it’s due to her guidance that the students involved gained valuable leadership skills & project management experience.

Julian Reed (teacher fair coordinator), Dee De Blank (parent volunteer coordinator), the student fair committee led by Chunyu Yiu / Heena Kothari, the ISSU led by Ishaan Laul / Hayley Yip & each and every parent volunteer, we could not have done it without you!

Here are some testimonials from Island School students as well as parents …

“ Besides the opportunity to help the community through charity, the Island School Winter Fair offers a great chance for students to showcase their talents. In my case it was the chance to develop & sell a product in a limited time & budget. A skill that is invaluable in today’s world. Overall it's experiences like these that make Island School great” … George Moser Y12R (Cocoa Factory project)

“ Being part of the fair committee was a great learning experience & opportunity. Though frustrating & stressful at times it was still fun to work alongside such a diverse group of people. This job is not as easy as it seems” … Claudia & Nicole (Student Heads of Entertainment Winter Fair)

“ Working with the Fair Committee has been a valuable learning opportunity for the student union. Through this event we learnt how to collaborate more effectively with our peers as well as our teachers” … Ishaan Laul (President ISSU)

I would like to thank Island School and the ISPTA for giving my son this leadership opportunity of being the Student Head for the Island School Winter Fair. It has proved to be a fruitful experience, as it helped him to polish his leadership and collaboration skills, in addition to developing his problem solving abilities. To me, the Winter Fair is definitely the most successful Island School event in the whole year and I look forward to next year’s one.” … Mr CK YIU (parent of Chun Yu YIU – Head Student Fair Committee)

“My daughter, alongside several others has been working for the past few months to organize Island School's Winter Fair. This was a wonderful learning opportunity for her as she was able to further develop her organizational skills and leadership skills. I felt that she had become a more confident person, and as a result of that, was able to speak on the microphone during the fair. She felt more a part of the Island School community and enjoyed every minute of it “ …. Juhi Kothari (parent of Heena Kothari - Head Student Fair Committee)

“The fair was really well organized. Kids were having fun plus it’s a great place to hangout. Well done ISPTA” .. Chan Cuddenec (stall holder & Island School Alumnus mother)

“ My daughter worked a stall where she gained sales experience. She got a practical exposure to real word job roles. The PTA and fair gave her the opportunity to interact with people in a way unique from her school & home life experiences”… Holly McHugh (Y11 mother)

“ This event has made my daughter more confident & given her a sense of belonging” … Shibani Chopra (Y8 mother)

“ The children get an opportunity to focus on being community minded. They participate enthusiastically – they do it because they want to not because they have to. “ … Terri Appel (Y8W & Y12W mother)

“ Congratulations to the Island School community for pulling off another wonderful fair! It's something our family looks forward to every year. The fair isn't just a wonderful way for the hardworking PTA to raise funds, but a chance for the families and friends of students - present and past - and staff, to come together and enjoy an afternoon of shopping, eating and entertainment. The fair is also great in that it gives a chance for students to shine too - whether they are working on a games stall, raising money for charity, performing on the stage, or taking on leadership roles to help the fair run smoothly. It was a wonderful day - thanks again to everyone concerned! “ … Mio Debnam (Y12 mother)

“I like the food, the costumes for the boys selling the lucky draw-tickets, the environment and the songs: all are good!" ... Michelle Wong (Y7R mother)

“It’s wonderful to see the children and their parents collaborating together for a wonderful, wonderful cause”... Michael Yee (Y7N & Y9N father)

“I like the fair, this is my first time: I am amazed at how big the children are – they are no longer children compared to the primary school ones. Here it’s a wonderful mix and there is a lot going on, I am enjoying the fair a lot”... Andrew Lane (Y7W father)

“I love to visit the fair, to meet the school community, to support my child and the school: it’s a great day for everybody!” ... Annie Byrne (Y8N mother)

Please email us if you would like to help out or get involved in the various PTA initiatives. Our wonderful Volunteers Coordinator, Deepali De Blank, is looking forward to hearing from you.

Sonali Laul & Christine Brendle


Another fantastic fair thanks to the hard work of so many students, teachers and parents. The weather held and the sun even made an appearance! Thank you to everyone for attending and supporting Island School.

We were all pretty exhausted by the end but so happy knowing we had raised so much money for our charity and school. We will all now have a well deserved break before preparations begin in the New Year for our Spring Fair on 17th April!

Becky Brown

Fair Co-ordinator


Winter fair 2014

Wine from the fair available for sale at the PTA office

We have some left over wine from the fair available for sale at the PTA Office (at almost cost price!):

$70 per bottle


Nugan Third Gen Merlot, Australia

Trentham Estate River Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon


Robert Vic Petit Paul

$80 per bottle


Tree Top Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ


Covinas Cava Brut


  • JANUARY 12th (Monday) - PTA Committe Meeting
  • FEBRUARY 9th (Monday) - PTA Committe Meeting
  • FEBRUARY 12th (Thursday) - Y8 & Y9 Coffee Morning
  • FEBRUARY 26th (Thursday) - Y10 Coffee Morning, change of date from 22th January

For more information please click here to visit the ISPTA website.


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Recycle shoe campain

What to do with shoes that your child has outgrown?

There are many kids in the Philippines that go barefoot. The Save Our Soles (SOS) Campaign will help recycle your unwanted shoes to Siargao Island where 9 communities of children need footwear!

Siargao Island, Philippines, is a laid-back surfing island along the Pacific Coast and is world-famous for the Cloud 9 surf waves. While on family vacation there, the Marzo family (HKIS family with 3 sons) noticed that most children went barefoot and had no shoes. They began the used-shoe collection campaign in June 2014 at HKIS. They have shipped boxes of donated shoes to Siargao in June and September 2014 thus far. Island School now joins the international school community to continue with the campaign to assist the children in 9 towns in Siargao.

Buddha’s Surf Resort owner Ashley Charles facilitates the campaign by receiving shoes and coordinating distribution with the local mobile teacher unit on the island. Please read his blog site here to learn more and see community photos:

SOS – Save Our Soles!

Please help by donating your children’s old shoes for the Siargao children to enjoy a new life of comfort at school and in play in their lives!

Donation box location: PTA office

Questions? Please contact our parent volunteer Cathy Ziengs –


Dear Parents,

Following on the heels of this December's successful Winter Fair, the PTA is now seeking donations valued at $500 or more as prizes for its most important fundraising exercise of the year - the Charity Raffle. This event takes place on April 17th at the Spring Cultural Fair.

As before, the proceeds of this Raffle benefit Island School students by increasing the level of resources available to them. In addition, funds raised go to the Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund, which benefits local Hong Kong students from various secondary schools by awarding them scholarship funds that enable them to continue their Sixth Form education.

In previous years we have been fortunate to have airline tickets, hotel packages, spa packages and a whole host of luxury consumer goods as prizes.

If you have questions, please contact our Donations & Sponsorships Coordinator, Brian Ng, via

Otherwise, you may drop off or post your personal and/or corporate donations to:

Sandra Logan

PTA Office Manager

Island School, 20 Borrett Road

Hong Kong

Thank you!


Cooking is one of your passions? For many students of our school it is!

Do you want to share your favourite national and cultural dishes with the students? Our kids are curious about the cuisine in the countries of origin of their classmates. Therefore the school is planning a course of international cuisine that will be held during the next Quest Week (November 2015).

If you would like to be chef for a day with the supervision of the teachers,

please sign up right now. We are not looking for professionals just people who enjoy cooking.

Please contact our Committee member, Mr. Julian Reed via

Thank you!


NEW Parent Representatives Welcome!

We're still looking for Parent Reps for Year 9. If you are interested, please contact Angela Wong for more information on

Shop News

New Uniform Item Just Arrived.

The NEW PE Sweatshirt has just arrived in the Uniform Shop and is available for sale at $230.

Cheques payable to “Island School PTA Ltd”. Uniform Shop opening hours are 9.30-3-30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 9.30-2.30 on Wednesday.

Closed during school holidays, except by appointment.

We need volunteers on a daily basis to help out in the bookshop. Please notify Sandra, or Christine, , in the PTA office if you are available to help out for a few hours a month. It doesn’t have to be a regular commitment, it can simply be when you find you have some free time. Fathers are especially welcome.

Sandra Logan

PTA Office Manager

PTA minutes - December 1st 2014

  • Students presented to the PTA and requested help with funding some upgrades that they want to make for the senior common room.
  • Planning is already underway for the raffle which will take place next year at the Spring Fair. Corporate and/or individual donations are welcome for raffle prizes.
  • The PTA will help arrange for collection of used shoes for the Save Our Soles charity drive which provides old shoes to various towns in the Philippines.
  • The details for the upcoming Winter Fair were finalized and all committee members assigned roles at the various PTA stalls.
  • For next year’s Quest week the school is looking to expand its range of activities in Hong Kong. One popular idea is to have an option which celebrates international cuisines by teaching students how to cook a range of international dishes. The school would like help from parents to volunteer as “guest chef” working with a teacher. More details will be available early in the new year.
  • The PTA Committee had its first social event of the year, a very enjoyable way to get to know other parents on the committee.

Date of next meeting is Monday 12th January

Treasurer’s report

The acting treasurer reported that we have a net deficit for last month, but this is due to seasonal factors. We have uncommitted funds of $1.6million although the payments for the induction week have not yet been offset against this. The school will present its “wish list” for the committee’s consideration at the next PTA meeting in January.

Principal's Report


Dear Parents,

As we had no parent nomination for the Island School Council, we have decided to extend the deadline for nominations until the first day of next term, on 5th January.

The council is a vital part of the school and overseas all that we do through its various committees. It is the organ that monitors the way we spend our money, the way we deliver our curriculum, the results of our exams, our health and safety, our relationship with ESF and of course the decant and the redevelopment.

We hold two council meetings each term, in the evenings from 5.30pm to about 7.30pm. Council members would also be asked to serve on a committee of their interest. These meet less frequently, and are usually during the day.

It is very important that the parents have a voice on the council, so I urge you to think of standing yourself, or perhaps persuading someone else to stand who might be interested.

Please feel free to contact me or the current or recent parent reps, Toni Hatherly, Shalini Sujanini and Susan Finder for more information.

Chris Binge
Island School
20 Borrett Road
Hong Kong

School Uniforms

PTA uniform shop opening hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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