Autumn's Career!

Neonatal Nursing

The reasons I chose this career..

  • I would love to work with babies
  • I want to work in the medical field like both of my parents

What is neonatal nursing?

Neonatal Nursing is the provision of nursing care for newborn infants up to 28 days after birth.

Classes and Schools

Well as far as classes I would have to take in high school would be 2 years of foreign language/Spanish, 3 years of math and science, 4 years of english, 2 years of calculus, and 1 year of algebra and chemisty. The extracirrucular classes I would take would be Family & consumer science Intership, parenting & child devolpment, and teen living.

What Degree?

To become a neonatal nurse I would have to get my bachelors degree in science which would take four years.

How much??

To go to East Carolina University my tuition and fees would be $78,732, my montly payment would be $725,78, my number of payments I would have to pay would be 361, and my total intrest would be $126083.17.