Lefties are not Lessies

The segregation of left handed people must stop now

The unjust in our world

In our current society, divisions in gender and race have dominated the news and media. While I don't dismiss these issues as unimportant, I can't help but feel appalled that we are turning a blind eye to the real issue at hand. Left-handed people are flat out not getting the same opportunities as their right-handed counterparts.

In total, left-handed people made considerably less money last year than right-handed people. Now, this may be because there are more right-handed people alive but that is beside the point. We must face the facts. The pay gap between left and right-handed people is outrageous and demeaning to the lefties of the world.

College desks are designed specifically for right handed people to comfortably rest their arms while writing. This is an obvious example of how the government is out to get the lefties. They are trying to sabotage their education and future. If we as a society ever want to come close to reaching equality between these two groups, we must start mass-manufacturing desks designed for left-handed people. But we can't even stop there! Left-handed people are daily putting up with smudges on their hands due to being forced to write from left to right. They should be able to write from right to left to avoid this hand preference difficulty. In fact, they should even be able to write their letters backwards as well, and right-handed people should have to learn how to read leftie language.

I am a left-handedist. I will not stop the fight for equality until left-handed people are awarded the fundamental rights they deserve. Left-handed lives matter whether they are associated with the devil or not. This horrible discrimination has been going on for too long and has not received the attention it deserves. I have a vision, that one day lefties and righties and even the ambidextrous will write together as one person rather than separate people with different handed preferences. This is my vision, and I will need all the help I can get in order to reach this goal.