What is it?

What is composition?

Composition is the processes that gets rid of waste that makes nutritious soil.

What we put in

Some things we put in are...

We put in both "Greens and Browns." 5 Greens are... 1. animal poo, 2. grass clippings, 3. carrots, 4. cut off tree branches (fresh), 5. tomatoes. 5 Browns are... 1. dead leaves, 2. straw, 3. wood chips, 4. straw, 5. hay.

What we keep out

Some things we keep out are...

We keep out plastic, milk cartons, napkins, silverware, plates, meat and bones, cans, and glass jars.


Decomposers help with composition!

Decomposers are good things to have in a compost bin. Some are worms, bacteria, fungi, and insects. Their job is to help break down the matter.

water & temperature change

Water, why is it necessary?

In your composition bin water is necessary to help speed up the process.

temperature change

During composition you will notice that the temperature will increase. Is this bad?, you might ask. No, it is just a side effect of bacteria decomposing matter.

Fun facts & Benefits


The benefits of composting are very good for you and the environment. The benefits help grow grass and many other plants. It also keeps our world from becoming trashy naturally. The way it helps us is it gives nutrients to our vegetable gardens to produce great tasting food.

Fun facts

Did you know that some toilets compost, you can sue compost as mulch, and Millipedes, Sow Bugs are decomposers!
Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition, Time-lapse

Created by: Dawson Reed & Kyler Villarreal