Rocks all around

By: xylvie Santiago

What is a rock?

A rocks are inorganic substance with a chemical composition called minerals that are composed together

Examples of rocks


  • Intrusive slow crystal forming
  • Coarse 1mm to 10mm
  • nonvesicular
  • lighter,low density, and felsic
  • 10% amphibole, 10% biotite, 20%plagioclase feldspar, 40% quartz, 20% potassium feldspar


  • inorganic sedimentary rock
clastic grain size: pebbles,cobbles, and/or boulders embedded in sand, slit, and/or clay

  • mostly quartz,feldspar, and clay minerals; may contain fragments of other rocks and minerals
  • comments, rounded fragments


  • foliated
  • fine
  • mica
  • regional
  • low-grade metamorphism of shale

rock cycle

rock cycle: model showing how rocks and sediments change over time.