War of 1812

By Kylie Johnson


One reason the War of 1812 started, was because Impressment continued. Impressment is where U.S. soldiers had to work on British ships. Also, the British were blocking ships from America to Europe. The ships were dirty and the soldiers had to work in horrible conditions. Later on, an Indian named Tecumseh tried to reunite tribes in Indiana but William Harrison stops it before it becomes a huge thing. While all this was happening, Henery Clay and John Calhoun were encouraging the war. They were saying that it would be easier to go to war than to wait and see if it blows over. They became hostile towards the indians and wanted to expand westward.


Battle Regions

A common battle region was naval battles. They fought on ships a lot and the Americans usually had the win. The ship "Old Ironside" sinks aBritish ship during these battles. One thing that was still a problem, is blockades. They couldn't get anything anywhere to trade or sell due to these blockades.




One effect of the war were that the United States finally gained respect from other countries. Also, the United States builds factories. More factories meant more stuff they could send overseas. That means more money! We also had a strong feeling of nationalism. That gave us more pride and we became more in touch with America.