Apps for French Language Arts 9

Module 9- Mobile Apps

FLA 9 Objectives

Students in French Language Arts 9 will improve and advance in various fields of the course such as...

  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Auditory Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Oral Communication

Course at a Glance

Throughout the course, students will be working on a variety of activities and assignments to help increase their proficiency in the French language. In-class worksheets, homework assignments, projects and exams will all be present in the class.

The ten mobile apps presented below can assist the students in achieving their goals and improving their abilities in French.

App 1- French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs

This app allows students to look up a multitude of different French words they may come across in reading, listening activities, or in conversation with an individual. We urge the students to look up every word they do not know, as it increases their skill levels. The more words a student knows, the more fluent they can become in a language.

The app also has a small list of English words with which can be translated into French.

There is also a conjugation feature, where students can quickly conjugate verbs. However, there is not a large number of verb tenses to chose from.

The app is a paid app, and it is $9.99 in the Apple app store. Although it seems like a rather expensive app, students and parents can keep in mind that having to purchase a paper-back dictionary and conjugation manual would be certainly upwards of $9.99.

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This app allows students to access tutorials as well as practice quizzes for a variety of different verb tenses. This app could be very beneficial for students at home or on their own time, to work through some content-oriented apps. This way, during class time the students are more familiar and comfortable with the lessons taught on verb tenses and conjugations.

The app is free from the app store. It is not extremely useful for high level French education as the tutorials and quizzes are only for a select number of verb tenses. However, this app works perfectly for a french languages arts 9 class as the verb tenses learned are not overly extensive.

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This app is very well recommended by other French instructors, as the reviews on the purchase page suggest this app. The objective of the app is to teach students to properly pronounce words in French. The phonetic component of a language is extremely crucial, and sometimes students need extra help outside of the classroom of apart from their instructor. The app allows students to practice pronunciation through repetition of multiple examples.

The app is for purchase in the Apple app store for $3.49. However, there are multiple examples within the app, and the app does not require internet access... making this app a great buy for students of any age!

Learn to Pronounce Quebec French Using English Words
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This app by MindSnacks allows students to learn french through games and activities. Games are very interactive, designed to assist students with learning words and conjugations. Audio clips are also provided, so students can hear how words are properly pronounced.
The app is free from the Apple app store. I strongly recommend the app to give students extra at-home or on-the-go practice at reading, speaking and spelling in French. The app also comes with great consumer reviews from other individuals learning french. The app also has a website where parents can observe the specifics about the app, in case they have questions about it.
MindSnacks -- Official Trailer
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Flashcard French Lessons covers a variety of french vocabulary via flashcards. Instead of basic memorization of words, students can build or refresh their skills using fun and interactive flashcards. The app provides different categories of words, and then uses images where students can guess the words. This app is an excellent example of behaviourist teaching style as the flashcards improve learning via repetition.

The app is free form the Apple app store. Students in an FLA 9 class might find some of the words to be more of a basic french level. However, I encourage my students to practice and perfect their knowledge of more common french words. It is excellent to have a wide array of complex adjectives and unique nouns, however when communicating with someone it is beneficial to know as many commonly used words as possible.This knowledge also helps build fluency in a language.

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French Vocabulary is an app designed to improve and widen a student's knowledge of french vocabulary. In a technological day and age, it becomes increasingly more difficult to encourage students to read books to gain new vocabulary. This app is great to increase a range of words from more basic and common, to more difficult. With the use of tests, a student must memorize a large variety of words from different levels. Pronunciation assistance is also included so the student can be sure to learn the proper way of saying the word, as well as the proper use.

This app is free from the Apple app store. It has been well rated.

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French Verb Trainer is an app that specializes in teaching students irregular verbs. A large component of FLA 9 is verb conjugation, including a wide variety of different verbs and a wide variety of different tenses. This app allows the student to practice verb conjugations as well as matching the french verb to the english verb to allow the students to make connections. The app uses multiple-choice formatting.

The app is available in the Apple app store for $1.19. Although free apps are the most beneficial for students, this app is very useful to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

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FrenchMe Pro has a variety of exercises directed towards learning the French language, and its complexities. The app is geared more towards learning new vocabulary and spelling. This app comes in a more basic level, however the 'pro' version would be more appropriate for a FLA 9 class.

This app is available in the app store for $3.49. It is a more expensive app, however it would be geared more towards students looking for extra practice and help. It is in no way a mandatory app.

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App 9- French Courses

French Courses: Learn French by Videos app teaches students about the french language via videos. This app would not be suitable for all students, as not all children are visual learners and can gain knowledge through videos. However, for those that do, this app is very useful. Videos for multiple different aspects of french, such as listening comprehension, are taught on this app through animated videos.

This app is free from the Apple app store.

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French Express is an app that specializes in teaching its users basic expressions. A large part of fluency in a language is learning common and idiomatic expressions used in that language. This app, along with teaching vocabulary and pronunciation, gives students a platform to become more comfortable and fluent with French through expressions. Various categories of phrases are available to chose from.

This app is available free from the Apple app store. I strongly recommend this app for students, so second language students can speak as if they are native french speakers.

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The Apple Store has a variety of educational apps to assist you in your journey to fluency in French! Click the link below to discover more.

After Exploring...

What app did you find worked the best for you as a unique learner?