Eliab ochoa 12/5/15


Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinder-ugly. She lived in a ugly palace with her ugly parents. One day on a sunny Sunday Cinder-ugly parents were on a horse and they were texting while riding. Then BOOM they crashed but luckily the mom lived but the dad died. The time passed and cinder-ugly's mom got married to cinder-ugly's step dad. But there was a little problem the step dad had two son's so they became Cinder-ugly's step brothers. There were Mike and Dike and they did not like girls. From there on the handsome step brothers made Cinder-ugly's life horrible. After her mom died by choking on food.

Rising Action

The handsome step brothers did everything they could to her. From fighting, lying even sending her to sleep outside of the house.But one day she met the love of her life prince uglier they met at school and they and they knew they were meant for each other. Every year the ugly town celebrate's the annual ugly farm dance ball were the uglier prince get's to pick and marry one lucky ugly princes. So the handsome step brothers did not let Cinder-ugly go to the farm ball or get married. On the night of the dance ball Cinder-ugly's fairy appeared to make her ugliest farm girl in the land. So she made her overalls , hat, boots, and gloves but Cinder-ugly said i need a truck so she made her the biggest truck ever. The fairy said the magic will be gone at midnight and you will be back to normal. So she went to the farm ball and she saw the men that she loved and prince said I want to marry that one.


So the prince and Cinder-ugly hanged out at the farm ball but than it was 11:56 and she told him I have to go. So she ran down the stairs and one of her boots came off. So she ran to her truck and went to her house in time and she went to sleep. The next morning the prince looked every where to see who fits in the boot. So he checked every single palace than there was one left.

Conflict and falling action

But the problem was that the step father did not let him in the palace. So the prince said I am going to bring my army and the step father said brought a army too. So they had a war and one guy was going to get step brothers and the step brothers ran away for ever. Than the step father gave up and ran away for ever too.


So the prince had to find her and it took several hours but than they heard her sang ugly and followed her voice. It lade to the basement and the prince asked may I put the boot and she said yes it was a perfect fit. So they got married and had children a boy and a girl and there name was Adam and Amy and they lived happily ever after.