Yung Zors Adventure

Entry #1

Today, April 25, 1854, our wagon train set out onto the Oregon Trail. My family: Juanita, King Charles, King Charles Jr, and Shaniqua are very excited to begin our journey. A little ways into the first day I chose to ford the Mississippi and was successful. After this we came to a short stop in our journey and took a break. I decided to hunt in the mean time. I had a lucky day, and shot 50 pounds of deer!

Once back on the trail we came across a fellow Indian who wanted to gamble. We decided to proceed but we didn't win or lose anything. It came to night, and a little while after this and we circled up the wagons. We ran out of fire wood because we didn't bring enough wood boxes, so a train member went to go get some wood. When they got back we stoked up the fire and went to bed.

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Mississippi River. Digital image. Google Images. Googel Images, n.d. Web. 6 Mar. 2015.

Entry #2

We have been on the trail for about 3 weeks now. After eating a short lunch, we start to head back out onto the trail. When we just got rollin' a train members daughters leg was run over by the wagon wheel in a freak accident. Sadly, the leg was broken. Further down the trail we met and talked with a Indian Chief.

We came to a stop in front of another river. It was a little more rough than the last one, and I decided to pay 45 dollars for a ferry ride across. Once we met on the other side our wagon leader decided to stop for a hunting session. Once again, I declined.

We came to a night campfire between the circled wagons with a conversation that could change the outcome of our journey, which path to take. We decided to take the Cheyenne River Trail.

Entry #3

Its our first day on the river trail. A little ways into afternoon fellow Native Americans asked us to trade. We wanted to make good time, so we declined. Right before night, we met a Chief and he asked us a simple question: Do you have open hearts, we all said yes. Immediately after he handed all of us a small newborn Indian baby. I decided to name him lil Fred.

Our second day on the trail my son was, sadly, run over by the wagon wheel. Luckily we could fix it with a simple brace. We came up to another river! This river looked very risky and I decided to take the ferry for 50 dollars. Good thing I took this choice because some peoples wagons were injured.

A few days later we encountered an Indian tribe. They were not happy with us crossing their territory and tried to attack us. We tried to outrun them, but our plan didnt work and we decided to fight back. Once we cleared out of that situation we decided to take the Massacre Trail to the finishing point.

Entry #4

Today is the first day of the Massacre Trail. Its bitterly cold and snowy. We came to a roadblock, and had to clear it with picks and shovels. Decided to hunt when we had a day of sun, and I caught 5 gopher. Maybe this was a streak of luck.

Now my journal is with me right now, in the present. We are just about to get to a clear opening but we were brutally attacked by Native Americans. WE each lost 100 bulk weight. Now we are going to attempt to cross Hanes Dessert. Ill write back when we cross. We crossed and its not looking so good. There are two people left in my wagon train. I am about to freeze and my friend, is trying to eat me. I think this is it. If anyone finds this journal please preserve it for Mrs, Kono Core LB in 2015. Thanks.