Journalism Project

By: Adam Harbord

Broken Elbow(Narrative)

During our six game football season i ended only playing two games. The first and fourth game. I had a concussion the first half of the season. Then the first play of the fifth game i broke my elbow. I kept playing until halftime and I finally took myself out. I didn't think i broke my elbow off. I was trying to tell my mom that I didn't need to go to the hospital. Until after the B team game she forced me to go. We got X-rays done. They said I broke the knob on the inside of your elbow completely off and needed surgery the next morning. I got a screw put into by elbow, and had two casts on for a total of a month and a half. I started physical therapy to gain the ability of straightening my arm again. I got X-rays again six weeks later and the screw was coming out. I got surgery scheduled for May 23 to get it out. I am now waiting to get it out.

Moving forward.(informative)

This year our school has really pushed career options on us as students. I am happy the school system is doing this. As us eighth graders prepare for high school it is good to know what path we want to take through classes. The more thought put into what we want to do later, the better the outcome will be in the end.
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Although some of us may not like the idea, we all know Donald Trump will become America's 45th President.