Songs of 2013

Top 5

Say Something


This song made number 5 on the list, because while it is very popular, it did not come out until the end of 2013. This is one of my personal favorite songs.

Let Her Go


This song is probably the most played song on the radio, and has been for a couple months. This is the number 1 played song in seven countries.

Wake Me Up


I personally love this song, even though it is overplayed. This song just makes you happy when you listen to it. Currently it resides on number eight on the top 100.



This song stayed on the number one nationwide for months, but it does not make number one on my list. I loved this song simply because its catchy and fun.



This song made number one because One Direction changed their entire sound and came out with a new album, movie, and an engagement all in one year. That is a lot for five guys to do in one year. Thank you for this beautiful song One Direction!