One of the seven deadly sins

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Media's Lies

As the image above displays, the media force feeds its young people (as well as adults) unreachable expectations of what "perfect" should be. The media itself, is vain. Appearance, is their main priority. Especially in the way they perceive women. They showcase these young and beautiful yet voiceless women with seemingly no brain of their own to sit back and look pretty as the man of the hour saves them. And on the opposing side, we have the way the media perceives men. Men are these divine beings, intelligent and handsome and always knows what to do, they can never show hardship. They can never cry or be hurt, or they run the risk of being labeled as a "sissy" or another deragatory term. To say the least, the media is the most vain being the world will ever know.
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The Evil Queen

Disney didn't put a happy twist on the infamous character in their edition of the tale "Snow White". They in fact, kept the aspect that The Evil Queen is originally known for, vanity.

The Evil Queen started every morning speaking to her magical mirror. She asked it the famous phrase, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" The mirror, of course, would always reply with her. She found great satisfaction in this, until one day the mirror replied with a name she didn't like. Snow White, her young step-daughter. Then, the queen sends a huntsman to kill Snow White, just because she was more fair then the Queen. The Evil Queen is a very important symbol of vanity, that many people overlook.

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Donald Trump

And now, the stump for president, america's joke, Donald Trump. Deciding to run for president was the first mistake he made. But, that's not what I came here to discuss. I came here to discuss Donald Trump and his vanity. He is vain in the sense that he believes his debates are logical, and fair for our country. He wants to deport all immigrants in america, little does he know that they in fact make up the percentage of labor jobs. As well as immigration being the sole reason why the early settlers of america came here to begin with. It seems to me, Mr.Trump only cares about himself, he has no desire to make america a better place.