As we hit May, it is time to focus on our Seniors and make them feel special. Please click on the links below from NAWD for ideas to do so. At Norman, we finally created a school Instagram account to meet students where they are and honor our students through Senior Spotlights--Instagram can easily be linked to post to both Facebook and Twitter in one post--for easy one stop posting--if your school hasn't created an Instagram account yet, this is a great time.

Kristy Cooper from Del City has been using the downloadable app Comic Life (found on http://plasq.com for $30). It is super easy to make Instagram posts on as well as has templates for certificates and you can make flyers on there--great investment and I highly recommend--easy to export images to post.

It's time to think outside the box on how we celebrate traditional graduation activities--we just need to change our paradigm! Inspired by the California Association of Student Leaders Virtual Conference, Norman will be doing a Virtual Senior Picnic on graduation day, where Senior Superlatives are announced on the Instagram Live on the High School's new account--inviting Seniors to bring their picnic outside at noon and tune in to the Senior Class officers. Instagram Live allows you invite cohosts--so you can have two or more of your Senior Class officers sharing the screen at the same time.

Finally, during our Jazzercise Zoom water break last week, the state officers shared some places to get out and hike in different areas of the state (compiled by our own outgoing VP, Corbin Walls). A terrific idea shared on twitter recently was to make sure we are including movement in our lesson plans--consider sharing this out. One thing we can control during this time is exercising to get healthier to help boost our immune system. An added benefit of being outside is the vitamin D you get from sunlight. The immune system and vitamin D has a very close relationship. In fact, Dr. John Cannell reviewed why influenza has seasonal outbreaks and found that the innate immune system is dependent on vitamin D3 and those levels are much higher from July to September than January-April due to people not getting enough sunlight in the northern hemisphere during those winter months. And here I am just focusing on my daily vitamin C and sucking on Zinc logenzes--NBC was right...the more you know!

Embrace where we are right now! We can still do great things during this time.

National Association of Workshop Directors Zoom Conference Information Links

Last week the National Association of Workshop Directors had a zoom meeting on some relevant topics so if you have a minute, this is a great resource as we come to an end of the school year in a virtual setting.

TOPICS: Senior Activities & Student Council Elections

  • CLICK HERE to view the VIDEO of this Zoom Conference
  • CLICK HERE to view the CHAT during this Zoom Conference
  • CLICK HERE to view Terry D'Imperio's SLIDES about "Celebrating Seniors" shown during this Zoom Conference
  • CLICK HERE to view Roberta Bittel's NOTES taken throughout this Zoom Conference.
  • CLICK HERE to view Kathy Coll's ADDITIONAL IDEAS heard throughout this Zoom Conference