iPad Apps as an Educational Tool

For Students with Special Needs

What is the tool?

iPads are computer tablets that are portable and highly interactive. Chosen apps are downloaded onto the iPad, so that you can play,learn, interact, and/or create with the content available on apps.

iPads and apps, that can be used on the device, are a great way to integrate technology into classrooms. iPads can assist learning and teaching, as it provides opportunities for differentiation. Specifically, iPads and apps can be helpful in the education of students with special needs. Here are a few videos showing how and why iPads can be used to help students with special needs learn in ways that fit them and their learning needs.

Additionally, information about how iPads can be used as educational tools can be found on the Apple (Canada) website. The idea of “Special Education” is also presented on the website. On the Apple website it is stated that the iPad offers: “Different ways to learn. For every kind of Learner.” Ways in which the iPad can support learning are presented in four different areas:

Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship defined as? “Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship” explains nine key themes that define digital citizenship.

The use of iPads and apps can help with digital citizenship for special needs learners by:

  • providing access

  • providing means for communication with others

  • providing opportunity to learn and gain skills that help with: digital literacy, etiquette, and security

App to help with learning digital citizenship:

Digital Citizen

  • This app gives learners the opportunity to practice good digital citizenship, so that they will be able to employ what they learn as they take part in digital communities and build a digital identity.

Here is an article and video that expresses why iPads can be a significant help for learners with special needs.

How could you use it in the classroom?

iPads and varying apps can be used in the classroom in many different ways. They can be used to communicate and learn ideas in a major or minor capacity.