Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



11 (Cycle Day 4)

12 (Cycle Day 5)

Staff Meeting/Gifford Cluster 7:30

PTO Meeting (Parent/Board/GRANTS) 6:30-8

13 (Cycle Day 6)

3rd Grade Dress Rehearsal 11-11:30 (all classes invited)

14 (Cycle Day 7)

15 (Cycle Day 8)

I-Team Meeting 7:30

3rd Grade Hosting Breakfast/Dean Cluster 7:30

3rd Grade Music Program 2:00



18 Send Report Cards Home

19 BLT Meeting 7:30

Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:30

20 PBIS Meeting 2:30

Culvers Fundraiser Night 5-8

21 Costco in Staff Lounge 7:15-8:15

Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:30

22 I-Team Meeting 7:30

25 Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:30

26 Prof Dev/Gifford Cluster 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

5th Grade Pow Wow Music Trip 10:10-11:30/HS

Jackson Pride Bingo 2-2:45

27-29 No School - Thanksgiving Break


2 PBIS Meeting, 7:35

4th Grade Assembly, 8:35-9:00

3 BLT Meeting, 7:30

5 Climb Theater Date for 3rd-5th, 8:40

6 I-Team Meeting, 7:30

2nd Grade Music Program, 2:00

9 Gingerbread House Night, 6:00-7:45

A-L 6-6:45

M-Z 7-7:45

13 I-Team Meeting, 7:30

17 BLT Meeting, 7:30

18 PBIS Meeting, 2:30

20 ONLY Early Childhood has No School today

I-Team Meeting, 7:30

Donuts with the Principal, 8:35

Winter Party Day




*John Bauman - thank you for working hard on those sidewalks. We appreciate you!!

*Boumeester -- your email and kind words was just what this mama needed, thank you!

*Thank you Luci for coming to visit and then helping hang projects in the hallway! You 'da best!

*Thank you Stephanie for making pumpkin bread for our PLC. It was delicious!

*Thank you for organizing the staff pot luck Jeff.

*Thank you for your help with getting questions answered regarding our Promethean board, Chris.

*Thank you Bristol for always checking in on our students.

*Thank you for making your chex mix, Jodi

*Thank you for the treats and listening ear, Amanda.

*Thank you for adding a new page to our Symbaloo site, Stacy.

Thank you, Erica Casey for organizing the Spanish/English take home books.

*Thank you, Luci Drill for your continued support and help with a past student. I appreciate it so much!

*Thank you, Steph Masloski for coming to my room and letting me know a student did not seem happy. I was able to talk to him and turn it around! Glad he always comes to get hugs from you!

*Thank you, Wendy Petersen, for checking in to make sure I am okay.

*Thank you, Kathy Clarke, for doing a coffee run in desperate times!

*Thank you, Kevin Bjerken for joining me in a lengthily meeting with a parent- you are always a team player!!!

*Thank you, Marty and Stephanie for fielding my students when I am busy with another crisis!

*Thank you, Becky Keller for always finding ways to connect with your most challenging students- your students are so lucky to have you!!!

*Thank you, Barbie Studtmann for returning a questionnaire for a student so quickly, much appreciated!!

*Thank you, Noel for working so hard at scheduling all the EPM requests!

*Alex Fischer- Way to be very efficient with your IEP meeting, but still maintaining relationship with the parent!

*Thank you, Jeff Hager for getting the potluck sign up out to teachers!

*Thank you, KOCI for always sharing your bagels, chocolate, and ear with me!! ☺

*Thank you, Jen Rothstein for maintaining a positive attitude in times of uncertainty and change! You are a rock star!

*Thank you, Charlotte Leonard and your class for packing Good to Go- YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!

*Thank you to the 4th grade team and Wendy for helping me when I had to leave!!!! I appreciate you all SO, SO much!

*Amy Rutter, thank you for planning our Kindergarten Buddies project!

*Big thanks to Natalie and Chris for helping with our library book check ins and outs on Tuesday during media classes!

*Thank you Kaitlin for keeping our Kindergarten Data sheet up and running!

*Thank you Jeff for all your efforts on the potato bar…what a fun change for our potlucks!

*Thank you for organizing the staff potato/salad bar Jeff, what a great idea!!!

*Krissy-thank you for getting a book to my sub when I was gone

*#Dreamteam-thanks for being amazing friends ☺

*Thanks to all TEACHERS and PARAS that help in the lunchroom!!!

*Thank you, Becky Keller for grabbing my kids from specialists when I was finishing up a meeting.

*Thank you, Kevin for your ideas and help with a very challenging student.

*Thank you, Jane Rosholt for making our conference form even better!

*Thank you, Chris W. for helping me figure out my smartboard and AirPlay in my room. You are so helpful and hardworking!

*Thank you, Natalie W. for getting me a clever badge for my new student so quickly!

*Thank you, Charlotte, Jen, Kelsey, for helping my new student in the morning and afternoon - making sure he got on and off the bus ok!

*Thank you, Sandy and Sarah, for putting together the giving tree again this year!

*Thank you, Jody, for checking in on our grade level to discuss our struggling readers and skills we can work on.

*Thank you to Wendy for keeping us organized in our busy day, and providing reminders from everything from timecards to Happy Hours!

*A huge thanks to Chris W. for synching my 2 school email accounts to filter into one box! A huge time saver!

*Thank you to all the staff in the STAR rooms for covering while I was out ill with no sub! You truly are a crew with compassion, warmth, humor, and lots of patience which makes each day a pleasure to come to work each day!

*Thanks Natalie for setting up my Seesaw classroom so promptly!

*Thanks Kira for sharing your sentence writing work stations!

*Anne, Rhonda, Dena & Diane, the work you do every day is greatly appreciated and never goes unrecognized.

*Balk, thanks for sharing the morning work resources and extra name plate!

*Erica you’re patience with our student is greatly appreciated!

*Kaitlin, you’re energy and patience with students is inspiring!

*Megan and Alex Thanks for organizing the office and always having time to listen!

*Triest, you’re understanding and willingness to work through every ‘problem’ is extremely helpful for our student (and I!)

*Charlotte, thank you for lunch - you are so sweet

*Thank you, team for being so willing to help when I was sick on Thursday. I am very grateful to be a part of such a supportive team!

*Thank you Deann for letting a student eat with you to help his day go well.

*Thank you Erica Casey for sharing the math summary sheet for conferences!

*ELL team – thank you for taking the time to check in on our students’ progress!

*Boumeester – thank you for making sure our team is squared away with math fluency!

*Anglin – Helping us to be focused during our PALS match-up

DLC Quick Tip - How much screen time should kids have each day?

A teacher approached me and asked, "How much screen time should kids have each day?" To be honest, I loved hearing this question because it means that our school is thinking about our students' entire academic experiences and how it impacts their physical, emotional, and social health. At Jackson, teachers do not just put students on iPads randomly to fill time. I see teachers being thoughtful in how they incorporate technology to meet specific learning goals.

So what do academic articles say about screen time?

There are many different articles that you can read. Many of them will affirm the fact that not all screen time is created equal. So we cannot simply say how much screen time students should have in a day. The question is answered more with the ideas that quality of screen time is more important than quantity. Studies also talk about how technology can be used and integrated in a classroom to improve the 4 Cs...creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills.

While in my master's program, my professor challenged our class to see the various types of screen time. He used the categories of "consuming" vs. "creating". Students can learn from things on a device as a "consumer".

  • Watching a video tutorial to learn a new skill
  • Reading a website to learn about a place somewhere else in the world
  • Using an app to practice math fact fluency

But if that is all we allow our students to do on the iPad, we are missing out on some of real power the devices can hold for our students.

When students are given a chance to create on their iPad to show their understanding, they are using so many powerful (high-level) thinking skills. They have to first understand their topic. Then they need to brainstorm ways to show their learning, which requires students to apply their learning in a new situation, organize it so it makes sense, and create a product that someone else can understand. During that process, students also need to evaluate their work so they can improve and refine it.

As a whole, our building is doing well at working technology into the classrooms. I encourage you to reach out if you want to try something new and creative in your classroom. I would love to walk alongside you and your students to make it a positive experience for all.


11/13 Jeff Hager

11/23 Dan Olson

11/30 Tiffany Hall

12/3 Kathy Clarke

12/3 Kathie Rue

12/4 Carolyn Apfelbach

12/8 Kim Hackel

12/8 Marty Schmidt

12/9 Diane Crist

12/11 Lisa Goodwin-Toller

12/11 Alexa Plouman

12/12 Brooke VonBank

12/16 Luci Drill Mellum

12/18 Lexie Schilling

12/24 Noel Reinke

12/25 Brandie Rush

1/1 Bev Wuollet

1/2 Jeanne Meyer

1/4 Sandy Boyce

1/13 Rachael Schweigert

1/17 Jeff Casey

1/18 Kelsey Angell

1/21 Matt Malaske

1/24 Sari Flatness