Choaking Hazard

How to protect your child!


In this flyer I will be explaining how to save your child if he/she were choking on something and/ or how to prevent this.

In any event like this always have someone call 911

Step 1

If the child is baby or infant the first thing you need to do is turn her face down over your forearm or on your lap if you can't manage the forearm position.

Step 2

Hold her jaw with one hand to support the head, which should be lower than her chest.

Step 3

Using the heel of your free hand, deliver five quick slaps between the shoulder blades.

Step 4

If the child still can't breathe, try chest thrusts:While holding your baby, turn her faceup, keeping her head lower than her chest. Place two fingers in the middle of her chest and give five thrusts. Repeat the process until the object is visible.

How to prevent

One way to prevent this from happening is paying attention to were your infant child goes or the environment it is in. Pick up things the could be harmful or they could choke on.
Infant Choking and Infant CPR Demonstration