The Three Pregnancy Stages

Characteristics for Each Stage

The Germinal Stage (0-2 weeks)

-Cells are dividing

-The egg is implanting into the uterus

-The Amnion, Placenta, and Umbelical Cord are forming

6 Things to Do When You're Pregnant

-Avoid Alcohol

-Avoind Drugs

-Drink extra water

-Get active

-Eat healthy

-Avoid X-rays

The Embryonic Stage (2-9 weeks)

-Internal Organs are forming

-Vertebrae and Spinal Column are forming

-Limb Buds are appearing

-Eyes and Ears are forming

Embryonic Pictures

Pregnancy Symptoms

-Missed Period

-Feeling Tired

-Feeling sick

-Changes in your breasts

-Going to the bathroom more often

Fetal Development

The Fetal Stage

-Limbs, Hands, Feet, Fingers, and Toes forming

-Facial Features forming

-Lanugo (fine layer of peach fuzz) growing

-Eyebrows and Eyelashes growing

-Vernix (waxy coating) covering body

-Growing rapidly during the end of the pregnancy