Passion for Plexus

February Customer News

Heartfelt Savings When You Sign Up In February

Many of you have been following my journey for almost 2 years with Plexus. You have seen what it has done for my health. You may have also noticed that it has helped me financially as well.

When I signed up wholesale, the ONLY thing I wanted was the discount on my products. Very soon after I learned that by having just 2-3 customers, my products would be free! Tell that to a teacher during the summer.... SOLD!

Now Plexus has become my true passion. I enjoy sharing with my friends and family and helping them meet their goals and dreams as well.

If you sign up for the wholesale membership this month, I will make it worth your while! Not only will you personally save on everything you purchase, but you also get commission back on your own products over $100! It is less than a Costco or BJ's membership and pays for itself the first month!

There is no pressure to share or sell anything! Just use the discount for yourself! But if you would like the potential to earn some extra money, pay a few bills, or MORE.... then this is THE TIME to get started! Plexus is blowing up all over the country. Most people still have not heard of Plexus. This is an amazing opportunity to get started! I will show you how to do it and help you every step of the way.

Sign Up for only $14 this month! Ask me for more details and let's get you started!

Referrals Welcome

I love referrals! If for some reason Plexus is not for you, I would love your referral! For each new preferred customer you send my way, I will offer you a very special referral bonus! I appreciate my friends and their support!