Drunk Driving

Kyleigh Adams & Mikayla Tindall

Facts on Drinking and Driving

- In 2013 31% of all traffic- related deaths were due to drunk driving

- The 9,967 drunk driving fatalities 2014 accounted for one out of three highway deaths on U.S. highways

- There are 27 drunk driving fatalities a day on average in 2014

Hotline for alcohol: 1-888-319-2606

Personal experience

Mikayla Tindall

In 2015 in October, my current boyfriend and I were walking down my road with a mutual friend of ours. We had nothing to do until my mom got home (We were having a bonfire, but she asked to be there before we lit it, so we waited.) We were walking a fairly short distance, and after we passed the last two houses past mine, we noticed a four wheeler in a field off to our left. At first all seemed normal, but after we got under a streetlight, the man started yelling and screaming. We kept walking, slightly freaked out, but not expecting any issues. The man came onto the road in his four wheeler and sped past us very quickly.