ethical florist



A florist can make $32,000 per year.


your have to about flowers.

what type of flowers.

They have to learn about what kind of flowers they will sell.

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Job Description and Duties

You will have to pay for the flowers you get in every week. You will need to find out how much flowers cost. Know how you will pay for all the flowers. You will have to put the flowers in vases. You have to see what kind of building you will have to buy. You will have to make sure the plants are watered.
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Environmental relationship between the environment and your job

We supply carbon dioxide to flowers and in return they give us oxygen. They keep our world happy.
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You get to be around flowers all day long.

Flowers can give a happy day.

It will smell good.


It is hard to work at a florist because people might start yelling at you.

It is hard to be a florist because you have to order flowers all the time.

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Some interesting information I found

it is very hard to be a florist in Wisconsin due to different seasons.