The Sun the Rain, and the Appleseed

By: Elizabeth Ufodiama

Have you ever wondered about the life of Johnny Appleseed? Everyone is reading this book and enjoying it! Don't get left out read this book just like everyone else! In this book you meet interesting people from this time period but you will have to read this book to find out.Johnny will have to figure out to make a food that will last them all winter,until their neighbors show up with some Appleseed's Johnny decides to plant the book to see what happens next!

In the book you would learn about Johnny Appleseed,his family,and how he grow apple's to feed his poor family. Legend say's that Johnny Appleseed slept in a treetop hammock,played with a bear and even...had the sun the rain and the Appleseed.(Page 27)

Just because you are poor that does not mean you are not destined for great things. This book was writing in the 1700's in a small cabin where Johnny Appleseed grew up.