Husky Dogs

By: Emily Carvajal


The husky dogs are used to pull sleds in northern regions. Husky dogs are energetic and athletic. They usually have a thick double coat that can be gray, black, copper red, or white. Huskies are known for pale blue eyes. Husky's love to dig and run. They would make a good family pet. A young Husky needs activity almost all day round. Husky's mostly live in Alaska. Husky's coat is thicker than most of the other dog.

More Information about Husky's

It is difficult to potty train husky dogs. The husky dogs originated from Siberia. Husky's can last a long time with a little food. They can run for long distances. Husky's start to shed their hair during spring and fall. They can become restless and destructive when left alone for too long. Husky's don't like to be alone. Male Siberian Huskies will range from about 50-75 pounds and the females from 35-60 pounds. Huskies normally have 6-8 puppies in a liter. Huskies have a life span of approximately 12-15 years.
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