Book report #2

By: Aiden Taylor


the characters are Marvin he is the smartest he made the plan to get the cheese, Raymond he is bossy he watches all of the war, spy, and investigator movies, he is the one who looks at things. they are rats, and the cat the cat he is mean he tries to eat the buck.


the settings are the theater, and the cheese shop. Int the theater Raymond watches all of the movies while Marvin and buck eat popcorn. At the cheese shop there is a cat that tries to eat them.


The three rats live in a movie theater and Raymond watches the movies and Marvin and buck eat popcorn. one day Raymond went out to find a mission and he did he found the cheese shop and so Raymond went back to the theater. When he got to the theater he told buck and Marvin that he found a stash of cheeses. The next day they went to go get the cheese and they saw a cat so they had to hide when the cat was gone they made an escape plane. buck chewed a hole in the front door because if the had to run they can run through the door. Then Raymond made a cat trap so they can gather the cheese the trap did not work because the cat hissed and buck though that Raymond hissed.

If I changed one event how would the story change

I would change that they wouldn't have to live in a trash can that no one uses and that would change that they wouldn't have to steel cheese.

My favorite part

my favorite part of the book is when buck got stuck in the door and they could not get him out. They used cheddar cheese to pull himself out because he likes cheddar cheese and then they ran for there lives from the cat.