Monthly WLA Newsletter



Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021. We are happy to have all our students back face to face and have the opportunity to create some type of normal school setting in our current situation. Please enjoy our first newsletter and contact your Language teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

What's Happening?

WLA Spanish

Beginning Spanish- students are working with the verb “Gustar” to learn how to use it to talk about different activities that they like to do or not.

Spanish 1- Students are forming questions in Spanish, with interrogative words. With this skill, students enrich their communication skills to ask and respond to simple questions in conversations.

Spanish 2-Students are working with indefinite and negative words. Expanding this skill allows the students to respond and write negative forms of daily situations regarding themselves or others.

WLA French

Beginning French-Students are learning the numbers 0-60 in French and the subject pronouns with the verb être (to be).

French 1-Students are learning the past participle with the verb avoir (to have) of the regular and irregular verbs in French.

French 2- Students are learning the past participle with the verb avoir (to have) and être (to be) of the regular and irregular verbs in French. The direct and indirect object pronouns and the imperative in French.

Dual Language

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, we will be watching videos of the different countries and the students will be voting every day for their favorite. At the end of the month, they will have picked their favorite countries' videos.

6th- Students are working on Subject pronouns and the use of the verb to be. We continue to make sentences and communicate in the target language.

7th- Students are working on word classification, division of syllables, and recognition of grammar categories, such as agudas, llanas, esdrújulas, and sobreesdrújulas.

AP Spanish 8th-Students are working on the theme of families and communities, how technology affects these areas and our society. Email practice for the AP test has begun and will continue during the year with the integration of the different themes covered.

Mark your calendars

9/15-10/15- Hispanic Heritage Month

9/30-Open House
10/7- End of 1st marking period

10/8-No school for students

10-15-Report Card distribution

10/29-No school