Come To Minnesota

the land of the free

At Minnesota there will be a lot more room not just for the family, but lots of area to farm and cultivate.There is plenty of water and timber and the cold weather will cure you of any sickness. There are also many many ores and irons. The land is prosperous and is good for animals.
Also,the many animals already in Minnesota are very friendly.

ST. Paul city

ST. Paul is one of the greatest cites growing on the great Mississippi river it is a place where people can get along with each other and have a great time.

A Great Guy

Alexander Ramsey is one of the great people who made Minnesota available to everyone. He is also the territorial governor too. He will send wagons full of supplies to anyone who needs any help in Minnesota, FREE of charge.


I feel that the best way to travel to Minnesota is by steamboats, that will take two days, but you can take a: stagecoach, a oxcart or just walk. They will take longer but will cost less.
Timoken says that he thinks Minnesota is the best place in the whole world, with its rolling hills its majestic mountains,its very fertile plains,its not hard to believe him. "Its like heaven on earth" James bond says. there are many many more comments that I cannot share them all.