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What does my "active until" date mean?

Active Requirement

Our requirement, to stay active as an Independent Designer, is 199 PV per rolling 6 months. Being ACTIVE is very important: it means we can login to the back office, place wholesale orders, and are allowed to sell. If you're not active, you're not a Designer! We have a super easy way to check our active status. Log in to your back office and look right on the front page. You will see your Active Until date, showing you how long your current PV is going to meet the minimum requirement to stay active.

If you just signed up, your Active Until date should be 6 months from the month you signed up. It's always the last day of the month, so if you signed up on September 15th, you would show active until March 31st. However, a lot of you will still see January 1 as your active until date. That's just because of our system changeover in November 2013. As you earn PV, your date will change.

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How the "rolling" 6 months works

You can find your 6 Month PV on your dashboard, right next to your "Active Until Date. You can also check the 6 Month PV for any of your team members by clicking on the little person icon in your downline report.

6 Month PV is the total of all your PV for the past 6 months. In any month, look at the previous 6 months of your PV and add them together.

Each time you turn the calendar page, your 6 month time period shifts forward. The oldest month is no longer included in the calculations, and a new month is added. Here are some visual examples:

Still Confused?

If you still have questions, ask your mentor! Or if you're a member of the Sparkling Hooters, please feel free to post to our Facebook group page and any number of compassionate designers will be ready to give you some help.

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