January 31- Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

Wolf Howl tomorrow!

There will be an ELA vertical team meeting, so please work with your team to get your Wolve sin your door and seated for the Wolf Howl! You'll meet in the conference room from 7:15-8:15!

We have a girl scouts presentation, a jump rope for heart presentation... it's jam-packed but woohoo! No additional assemblies!

Don't talk about it, BE about it!

The spring is here...this is where we all start to feel the stress, the pressure, the finish line seems a smidge further than it did in the fall.

You started WIN time in October.

You have your MAP data.

You have a half day to plan out a LEGIT strategy to ensure every.sungle.Whitt.Wolf. gets what they need to grow. I see the determination on your faces. I hear the plans you have. We have every confidence that we WILL get it all done.

When I saw this video, it made me think of you ALL. You don't just talk the talk, we are watching you walk the walk. We are LIVING it.

Don't just talk about, BE ABOUT IT. This video is worth a watch...& wreck'em!


you are SOUP-r and have a lunch feast tomorrow!

Sending home data...

MAP data is going home on Feb. 7th. Be prepared with your "I can't conference during the Valentines party" line for the next day, because you may get hit up with some questions!

Please make sure each student is getting a MOY note home with their progress. It is not only a school board goal but also in our grading and grouping guidelines that parents are notified of their students assessment data. If you haven't sent home anything yet this year, please get with your team and decide upon a format to get that communicated for the rest of the year.

Also note worthy: Grades will be entered in to Skyward weekly. Graded papers will be sent home at least once a week to inform parents of their student’s progress.

Polite request..

We have an incredible team of specialists that work with our students all over the building. When we see them working in the hallway, even though we're tempted to say hello or give an encouraging shout, let's respect the focus they are giving/getting. Sometimes they lose the progress they've made when their Wolf has a disruption of their focus!

Boots & BBQ

We have a had a parent graciously off a table for the Boots and BBQ gala on Feb 16th. As of now, we have 5 open seats...if you'd like to attend please let me know! It's a fun night, you can attend and get dinner and entertainment for free...plus? There's always a yummy candy bar!! :)

Feb 16.

Southfork Ranch


Morgan's Musings

Notes from the Nurse

Counselor's Corner

Next Wednesday is our Mapping your Future Day! We'll have an "Extra Supplies" station set up outside the GT classroom, so if you need anything on Wednesday, don't hesitate to pick it up there.

Thank you for making this day special for our students!



Michele Frame 8

Sarah Filip 20

Autumn Matthews 22

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Shout outs!

  • PACK team, thank you for your flexibility with #allthethings in specials! We add all kinds of fun stuff in there and you do a GREAT job!
  • Data convos are going GREAT! If you haven't signed up yet, please do so! We see some HUGE gains!
  • We're DONE with MAP! YAY!!

Calendar Comings

Fab Fridays in February begin!


1 SOUP-R bowls of soup provided!


5 At at ESCam, MP at ESC pm, PTA board meeting

6 Map Your Future Wylie Way day

7 Breakfasts with Dad

8 Valentines Parties


12 Sachse Chamber luncheon, TOM!


14 2nd grade program


18 Staff Development day

19 map implementation team at ESC



22 Daddy Daughter Dance

25 math checkpoint grades 3,4

26 reading checkpoint grades 3,4; special guest speaker (wear Cowboys gear! Dallas, not yeehaw!)

27 WW follow up day

28 MP AP mtng, tentative: PTA special general meeting


Woot woot! Fab Fridays are here!

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