November Newsletter

Jefferson School

At Jefferson School, we believe that every child in every classroom can and will achieve success!

Happy Fall Jaguar Families!

At Jefferson School, we are grateful to all our parents that support their children with homework every night. We want each of our students to Persevere to College and Career! Reading and practicing math facts every night for 20 minutes will ensure academic success. We welcome all our parents as partners. Please join us for PTA, SSC, ELC and Cafecito Parent Meetings. Together, we will Celebrate Success!


We would like all our students to be present everyday, all day and on time. Please schedule doctor’s appointments after school hours. Missed school or Early pick ups equal loss of instruction which leads to lower grades. Please help us by making sure your child is in school everyday, all day and on time. We will reward perfect attendance and no tardies each month. Students will receive a reward. Students who have missed more than 5 days will be asked to attend a parent conference with the school. Excessive absences will be sent to SART. Please help support your child’s education by ensuring that your child is here everyday to achieve success!


A student arriving past 8:16am is tardy. The school policy is that Tardy students receive a consequence that may result in 20 minute detention or recess bench. Reminder that the school bell rings at 8:13am and the Tardy bell rings at 8:15am. At 8:16am we will begin to give students tardies at both gates. Additionally, we will close the 104th gate at 8:30 am and all late students will need to come in through the office. Please plan accordingly, all schools in the district have traffic. It is our hope that all our students arrive on time. Students who have arrived on time everyday will receive a reward at the end of the month and Trimester.

Administrative Support:

We are glad to make ourselves available to help and support our families. Our schedules change on a daily basis, however, please know that we make every effort to resolve any concern within a timely manner. Administrators are not available 7:45am to 8:30am (morning arrival) and 2:45pm to 3:30pm (dismissal). However, we are generally available between these hours. Please come to the office and make an appointment with the Counselor, Assistant Principal, and or Principal if you need help or support. You can also reach us through email. Again, we are here to help and support our families and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Meets and Exceeds Celebration:

We are very proud of our students who Persevered and scored Meets and Exceeds on the CA Assessment! This trimester we celebrated 150 students in grades 4th and 5th grade that took the test last year in grades 3rd and 4th. Their names will all appear on a banner that will be posted on the cafeteria wall.

End of Trimester Rewards:

We are excited to reward our students who have earned end of the Trimester Rewards in the following categories. Attendance, School Rules, Grades, and the Reading Challenge. Please support your child at home by ensuring they are coming to school every day, all day and on time and also doing their homework, practicing fluency words and math facts! Congratulations to all our students who continue to try their best!


November 11 – Veteran’s Day – No School

November 18 – Make-Up Picture Day – Students must wear their uniforms

November 25-29 – Thanksgiving Holiday – No School