Marijuna Vs. Alcohol

Is it worse?

Narrative Letter

When I was thinking about what to write my paper on i just tried to think of what is one of the most debated topics as of right now. What does everyone have an opinion on? i decided to talk about marijuana, not just marijuana but marijuana vs alcohol. alcohol is legal and has been legal for most time, but there has been a debate whether it should be or not. Now that marijuana has come up and is being more accepted in society, people are trying to legalize it. The reason i chose this topic is because there is one thing that is legal but causes harm to their body and has also been known for deaths around the world. Second, you have a drug that is not legal that has not had any recordings of death caused by it and its physical effects on a person are nothing compared to alcohol, if any. Another reason for this topic is the way i have seen people act when they are drunk. being drunk or even a little intoxicated can change a person completely. it can cause the person to become angry and hatefull, which can lead to divorce or separation of family. i have seen in mu own family how being an alcoholic can corrupt the family and why i think it should not be legal or have more restrictions on it. to me, when people say marijuana is worse than alcohol or has the same lasting effect, i try to explain how its not. the death rate induced by alcohol is way more than what it should be and its still legal. i am not saying that weed is not harmful what so ever, but i am saying that its a way better alternative to alcohol. i believe that if alcohol is legal than there should not be a limit on weed. if we are looking at the harmfulness of that substance.


Alcohol versus weed

Can you be so naive?

Do you really need a description

To explain the addiction,

alcohol over weed

is not what the world needs.

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Research Paper: Mason Harbeck

Mason Harbeck

Mrs. Grubbs

English IV college track

5 December 2014

What goes through the minds of people when they hear the question "What are your views on marijuana versus alcohol?" This question has been brought up more and more in today’s society. Some people are too quick to jump to conclusions and do not even give anyone a chance to explain how one is better or worse for you. If you need to understand the differences between the two than how else would you learn if you will not listen. Marijuana has its benefits I believe but also it has its problems. I also believe that alcohol is nowhere near as safe or at all compared to weed. There have been too many studies to deny that marijuana is not safer. Society needs to see what the difference is between the two and not be stereotypical about smoking weed and notice that alcohol is worse.

For as long as history has been written, people have been drinking alcoholic beverages. As time went on, drinks began changing into different styles and moved into households. In ancient times there have been writings about how alcohol has had effects on society and physical health problems. Recently the scientific research on the affects of alcohol on the body has jumped dramatically. It is not an unknown fact that alcohol causes illness and even death. Studies have shown that alcohol is the cause for over sixty different medical conditions. Studies have also shown that it is not just drinking too much all the time; it is also irregular drinking habits like an occasional heavy drinker. Alcohol has many effects, and some are worse than others (Christensen 1). One of the things that some people have wondered is, does breast cancer increase by the consumptions of alcohol. In a recent study it was proven that the chance of breast cancer increases with the more a person drinks per day. Estimated 10g per day will increase the risk by 9 percentile (alcohol vs...1). Drinking too much alcohol can also cause significant heart problems such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes. Some ways to prevent serious heart problems would be to drink in moderation and also to drink while eating a meal. Drinking irregularly and drinking too much will you give more of a chance for strokes and cardiac arrest (Ferner 1).

There is a long history of alcohol and violence. It is suggested that the aggression from drinking is caused by the situation. Studies show that in alcohol to aggression ratio, alcohol has little to do with it. Alcohol first disrupts the brains aminobutyric acid receptors, which effects the person’s social anxiety and causing them to lose fear in consequences of what they are doing (alcohol vs... 2). It also has affects on cognitive function, causing the person to be impaired in problem solving in conflict situations.

Marijuana has been around the world probably since time began. Many people are against it but more and more people are now coming out and saying how they should legalize it. Over the past few years weed has been a big discussion among people and government (Fox 1). Weed has been used as medicine in parts of the world for many years and also as a personal meditation. But is it really dangerous to a human’s health like alcohol? How addictive could it be?

Marijuana is addictive, but the chances of addiction are slim. Studies show that only nine percent of users become addicted and that most addictions are from long term use. In 2012 a survey showed that one in six teens have tried or are beginning to smoke weed and 25 to 50 percent of adults smoke weed daily. Millions of teens are dependent on marijuana and 5.1 adults are dependent on any illicit drugs (History of marijuana). although most drugs, if you consider weed a drugs, have a withdrawal but marijuana has no withdrawal which means it doesn’t take as hard of a toll on your body.

During a person’s younger years in life, before the age of twenty one, the brain is still in a developmental stage and is very vulnerable. THC, which is the main product from weed can cause long term effects to the brain before it is fully developed. Studies show that adults that smoked when they were younger do show a sign of impaired neural connectivity (Weise 1). The part of the brain it affects will cause reduced functional connectivity and learning and memory. I do believe that just as alcohol is legal to a certain age, so should weed be. If scientists are correct about the brain and the way weed it effects it before a certain age, than it should be allowed at age 21.

To me, marijuana being known as a gateway drug is a false statement. Kids are curious about things and will try new things but like with any other thing life you must know the dangers to it. If parents really taught their kids the real truth about weed and not scare them to where they want to be rebellious about it, could cause a change in young people smoking. Being taught the truth and unbiased opinion will help because kids want truth and most the time if it’s wrong to their elders; there is more of a chance to want to try it.

Between them both, they have their faults, but which one is worse? The problem is that people are saying that alcohol is still bad but legalizing weed will make things worse. In other states that have legalized it crime has gone down and the government is making millions on taxes from weed. Economically and socially, weed is better than alcohol in my opinion.


Motivated by the light
I sit in the darkness and plan my escape,
the lighter reminds me of the sun.
I drift off to a faraway land,
it is always sunny here.

Stephanie F Krulick

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Take a toke, forget your pain
Let peace flow through you

Taylor McDonnell

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