Push and Pull Factors

Harli Henderson

Religious Peresecution


B. Pakistan is dominantly Muslim and this community discriminates to Christians. The Christians are moving to countries where they are excepted and can worship how they may.

C. They are moving to many European countries or The Americas where Christianity is excepted.

Ethnic Persecution


B. After World War Two, many Germans were treated unfairly. Since Adolf Hitler was a German, many other people thought that they were all like him. They were discriminated for their ethnicity.

C. They migrated to Japan and Italy because they were Axis countries with Germany and they were welcome there.

Environmental Factors

South Asia

B. In South Asia, many people are migrating because of climate change. There has been higher temperatures, higher sea level, more cyclonic activity, and floods.

C. They are migrating to other countries farther up north in Asia.

Economic Motives


B. Many Turkish people were migrating for better job options. They were very poor and needed money to be able to live.

C. They migrated to Germany because they had many jobs and good economic opportunities.

Political Factors

North Korea

B.The government in North Korea is a dictatorship and they rarely have any freedom. They have no control of the government and are unable to have any privacy.

C. They are migrating to South Korea, China, and the United Kingdom.

Forced Migration


B. They were being forced to migrate from Gambia and many other African countries along the coast to work as slaves. If they survived the trip, they were sold in slave auctions and kept in captivity.

C. They were being moved to the West Indies, Brazil, or the United States.