Roaring 20's

By: Sarah Tutor and Amber Butcher

Flappers During the 1920's

A flapper is defined as a young woman during the 1920’s that flaunted her unconventional dress and behavior. Until the 1900’s children had lived a similar lifestyle as their parents. In the 1920’s actors, actresses, magazines, music, and radio shows influenced the thoughts of teenagers which lead to more teens becoming flappers. One woman who lived during the 1920’s had described the “recipe” for a flapper and said, “Take two bare knees, two rolled stockings, two flapping goloshes, one short skirt, one lipstick, one powder puff, 33 cigarettes, and a boy friend with a flask. Season with a pinch of salt and a dash of pep, and cover all with some spicy sauce, and you have the old-time flapper.” Many people associated flappers with jazz music and certain dances such as the Charleston. Flappers were very popular in the early 1920’s, but by 1928 they had started to fade.

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Dress During the 1920's

Women dressed in elegant and unique dresses in the 1920’s. Dresses were being tightened and being to become a little bit shorter than the ankles, but not much. You cannot tell by the black and white pictures taken during the 20’s, but women were just starting to wear patterns and bright colors other than beige, brown, and black. Women wore hats, jewelry, handbags, stockings, and dresses that all matched each other and were dyed very dynamic colors. Some women wore pant suits and carried canes because it gave them a more professional look. Flappers dressed very differently, but the rest of the women owned elegant and beautiful dresses.

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Movies and Hollywood

Movies in the 1920’s were a way to entertain the public. They were a huge success and made the world a happier place. It was a time where silent movies of the 1910’s were replaced by new sound movies. The five major movie producing companies were Paramount, Warner Bros., RKO, Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer, and 20th Century Fox.

It was also the takeoff of Hollywood. During the 20’s Hollywood was the place to make movies. Prior to this time, many movies were made in New Jersey or New York. However, that location changed. Many of the movie stars lived in Hollywood or surrounding areas. These movie stars were really considered stars. They were the ones that everyone wanted to be like. They were the role models of society. Everyone aspired to be a movie star and were envious of their belongings.

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Jazz music took popularity in the 1920’s. Jazz was mostly being played in dance halls and roadhouses. It was the first music that really expressed emotion. It was the main form of concert music in the age. Jazz was considered the Devil’s music by many parents during this time. Jazz music lead to the establishment of dance halls and clubs opened in cities.

Some famous Jazz artists include Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, and King Oliver. These artists were all very popular in the 20’s. These Jazz artists were influential in the creation of other genres and are remembered today.

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Mass Media and Radio

Mass media is the ways that events and other things are advertised. These methods include television, radio, posters, and other forms of propaganda. During the roaring 20’s mainly radio was used to communicate information. Many young people would listen to the radio in order to hear the latest music. There would then be commercials that would tell of events and other things that would be important to young people. The radio was relatively new during this time period and was frequently used; however, records were more popular.

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The Charleston Dance and Slang Terms

The Charleston was a very popular dance in the 1920’s among teenagers, especially flappers. There were many different versions of the Charleston, some people did solo dances of the Charleston and others did partner dances. The dance was more of an upbeat dance and teenagers especially loved it because it was a fun and fast dance. Some young people entered in dance competitions and chose to dance the Charleston. The Charleston was not only danced at home, but it was also featured in broadway musicals.

Slang terms were very common in the 1920’s just like slang terms are today. Young adults or teenagers most commonly used slang terms because they were just starting to be used more vigorously. Some slang terms were “Applesauce”, “Cat’s Pajamas”, “Palooka”, and “You slay me”. There were many more terms that were used for phrases that we say today. Most of these slang terms were made up words and were never in the English dictionary, but they were very popular.

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Major Writers in the 1920's and Babe Ruth

One major writer who was very popular during the 1920’s was Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, more commonly known as F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of his most popular books was The Great Gatsby published in 1925. Another writer in the 1920’s was Alan Alexander Milne. He was a British writer, but his books were very popular in the U.S. One of Milne’s most popular books was Winnie the Pooh, published in 1926. Milne also wrote other children books, but Winnie the Pooh was by far the most popular children’s book he wrote.

George Herman Ruth, more commonly known as Babe Ruth, was born on February 6, 1895. He was named the greatest baseball player of all time by Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth had a total of 714 home runs in his career. Babe Ruth was rated number one because of his ability to get on base and how powerful his hit was. One of Babe Ruth’s famous quotes was “The only real game, I think, in the world is baseball.” Babe Ruth was an inspirations towards all baseball players and will continue to be that same inspiration.

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Charles Augustus Lindbergh

Charles Augustus Lindbergh was an American aviator and the first person to fly the first, solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. After this great accomplishment, Lindbergh was very popular. Lindbergh had learned how to fly because he enlisted in the army to become a U.S. Reserve pilot. Lindbergh made made multiple accomplishments in his life besides the flight such as inventing the artificial heart, getting the German Medal of Honor, and publishing a book. Lindbergh did not always have a relaxed life though, his son was kidnapped in 1932 and ten weeks later his body was found. Bruno Richard Hauptmann was found guilty of the crime and executed in 1936. Lindbergh died of cancer in 1974, but he will always be remember as a very inspirational American.

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