Lay on the Shore of Ecuador


Escape to paradise. Go on a trip, filled with adventure, and great memories. Enjoy your time in this wonderful Country. Be sure to visit the beautiful beaches and the stunning mountains.

10 Places You Must Visit in Ecuador

1.La Compania, Quito


3.Narzi del Diablo




7.Catedral Nueva, Cuenca

8.Vulqano Park

9.San Fransico Church,Quinto

10.Gapago Islands

survival guide 10 things

1. flashlight

2. Personal belongings

3. Money

4. Cell phone

5. umbrella

6. band aids

7. Ropes

8. Tent

9. Shoe laces


5 Famous people from Ecuador

1. Constanza Baez: used to be miss universe and help donate blood to Ecuador; Model

2. Gabriel Garcia,:helped Ecuador move on from bad times: Lawyer and leader

3. Antonio Valencia,: Represented Ecuador to FIFA in 2006; athlete

4. Rafael Correa: and president of the Republic of Ecuador and help Ecuador be better; politician.

5.Karnia Galvez: helped kids write what they feel; poet.

Ecuadors' Economy

Ecuador's economy right now is doing better then ever because of the new resources. The resources that they have right now are: bananas, oil, petroleum, etc. One good thing about the new system in Ecuador is that they have a new currency exchange into U.S.A dollars in 2000. Ecuador is the biggest banana exporter. Don't forget about the beaches, they have a great view of the blue pacific ocean. Ecuador has a large domestic market.

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Ecuador's Education

When you start school in Ecuador you have to be at the age of six, and you end at the age of 14 or 15. Private school are common in large cities and for under the age of five. Public education is free for all grades. You have to provide uniforms and materials and books. The times for school is at 7 am- 12:30 PM, and you have to wear your uniforms from 1-6 PM. The main languages they know are Spanish and some schools may have different languages. The schools focus on memorization and neatness.
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Ecuador's Culture

Ecuador has so many culture traditions so lets start off with festivals. One festival they do is When a new year starts off on a Tuesday they burn dolls for A New happy year. Ecuador has so many different foods so here is some of them they like: Empanadas, Corn, Black Beans, Seafood, Soup, Sopes, Rice, Tamales, Bananas, etc. Now is the sports they love soccer and baseball. One holiday they celebrate is The Day of the Dead. Their traditional clothing are colorful dresses, skirts, ponchos, hats and sweaters. The language they mostly speak is Spanish.
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Ecuador's History

The Incan empire ruled Ecuador until the Spanish conquered them in 1534.Ecuador gained its independence in 1822,then became a republic in 1830.Around 1830-1948,Ecuador had 52 presidents, dictors, and military leaders. In 2010, a state of emergency was declared when correa was briefly taken hostage.

In the 30 years the democracy have been influential to Ecuador. they had revolutionary war in 1895 against Colombia. Ecuador and peru had a war. but at the end they had a peace treaty in may 1999 with ecuador and peru. Now they are good.

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Ecuadors Government

The judicial system is comprised of administrative courts, trial courts, appellate or Provincial Superior Courts and a Supreme Court. The supreme judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court, which has 30 Justices divided among ten chambers of three Justices each. Supreme Justices are elected for life terms. They have 16 states.
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