Chapter 29 Project

Jayden Owens

Consumer Bill of Rights

  • The Right to Safety
  • The Right to Be Informed
  • The Right to Choose
  • The Right to be Heard
  • The Right to Redress
  • The Right to Consumer Education

Main focus and details

Protect the people from any threat of equal treatment and right to prosper

First established in 1960 by President John F. Kennedy and further edited by president Nixon and Ford

Consumer Protection Laws

  1. The Right to Safety-to protect against products than are hazardous to life or health
  2. The Right to be Informed-protection against fraudulent,deceitful, or grossly misleading practices
  3. The Right to Redress-assures that consumers have ways to register their dissatisfaction and receive compensation

Patients' Bill of Rights

  1. Information Disclosure-have the right to receive accurate,easily understood information of health care decisions
  2. Choice of Providers-have the right to choose their own doctors and health care provider
  3. Access to Emergency Services-have access to health care services how and where the need arises
  4. Treatment Decisions-have the right to fully participate in all decisions related to their health
  5. Respect and Nondiscrimination-the right to considerate, respectful care from all members of the health care system
  6. Confidentiality-have the right to confidentiality of their individually identifiable health care information protected