Tech Tips with Tibbs

Welcome Back... 2014-2015 School Year

Mrs. Tibbs-Your Tech Coach

Welcome Back! I am looking forward to a new and exciting school year. I hope you all had a wonderful summer. This newsletter will give you some technology tidbits of information to kick off the year successfully.

Here is my schedule and contact information for the upcoming school year:

STE-Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday

DYE-Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday

Click here for My Calendar which shows my location and in-services offered

This year I will be using BookMe to set up meetings with you for your technology needs. If you need me to meet with you about a program or help with something that will require me sitting down with you please use the Book Me to set up an appointment. (This does not need to be used for things that need to be fixed in your room that is what the work order process below is for.)

Where Do I Start?


As you set up your classroom computers, please be sure to do the following.

  • Plug in and connect everything -- including printer, TV tuner card, VCR, Elmo, ladibug, etc. - (or whatever you have)

  • Make sure you plug in the white network cable from the back of the computer to the wall.

  • Test the projector to make sure it is showing your computer PLUG in the blue projector cable in to the wall prior to turning on your computer. (Click on the buttons below for instructions on how to clone your projector)

  • Test out the speakers/audio to make sure these are working

  • Help out your neighbors/team members (especially new teachers) that may not be familiar with all of these items.

  • Do not block the network drops on the walls with bookshelves, desks, cabinets, etc. We have to be able to access these at all times.


If you have something that is NOT working, email a work order to with the specific details (RCS Tag #, Room #, description).

Jo will be our technician again this year and will be here on Thursdays. As always at the beginning of the year, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed and set up. We will be working through the issues by priority. The first goal is to make sure all the offices, teacher equipment, portables, and computer labs are up and running. You can submit work orders for student computers, but they will not be a high priority at this time.

Thank you for your patience.

Cloning Your Projector-NVIDIA

If your projector does not show the image when you turn it on please check this document and make sure that your projector is cloned.


At the end of last year the county installed new access points for the Wifi and the setup has changed. To connect to the Wifi you will need to follow these steps...

  • Select the RCS-Secure network option
  • It will then prompt you to give a username and a password
  • You will enter your email username and password
  • There is also a RCS-Guest option in which they will have to fill out some information and give an alternate email address. (This option will not work as well and will have more securities, block more sites than the RCS-Secure option)

Please change any devices you have over to this Wifi network as the DYE-COW will go away. The RCS-Secure will work in any Rutherford County School once you log in. Let me know if you have any questions.


Here are some reminders and refreshers:

  • Students are NOT to use the computers until I have confirmed that they are allowed to have network access. I will let you know when students may use the computers and I will provide you with their username and passwords as soon as we have those checklists. Usernames will be different this year so please do not let the students log on until you get permission.
  • Please follow the instructions for work orders to ensure that they are completed in an orderly manner. I know that getting things working for you is the most important matter and we are here to help and by completing this process correctly will help to speed up the process. CLICK HERE FOR WORK ORDER DIRECTIONS
  • Network programs-I will let you know when network programs (MobyMax, FasttMath, etc) are up and running.
  • Webpages-Please update your webpage for the current year. You will need to decide as a team who will update the grade level page and let me know so that I can get them set up. Click here for instructions of how to connect to your website in Contribute.
  • Email is for school use. Please do not send or forward jokes, political or religious emails. RCS email should not be used to sell things. Email is considered public knowledge so don't send anything that you do not want others to see.
  • IMPORTANT- As the school year starts please remember that NO technology is to be moved out of a room. If it is something that is not working please let me know and we will take it to be surplussed.

Technology In-Services

I will hold 3 hours of technology in-services a month (excluding December and May). However, this year you will be registering for my in-services through SchoolStation just like you would any other in-services in the county. You can also sign up for other technology coaches in-services as well. You are required to get 12 hours of PD for the school year.
Webpage Request

Fill out this form if you have a request for something to be added to the main school's webpage.