Riley's BirthDAZE

See Riley's Amazing Daze

Not one, not two but three amazing daze for Riley's birthday.

Come to the zoo Tuesday to see Riley and his Koala, Rodney. Riley and Rodney have been pals for all of Riley's birthdaze, they are both four years old!

Of course Riley and Rodney stop by to see the penguins on the way to the snack booth, why wouldn't they? The penguins and Rodney are so glad to see Riley and can't wait for the other daze. What could they do next? Come and See what we're doing day two.

Our moms can stroll through the flower garden while we search for butterflies, wonder how many are waiting for us?

On day three we're all spending the night at Riley's house and look at allof our adventures from our zoo daze! Mom baked animal cookies just in time for day three.