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One of the most exciting and beautiful attractions in Martinique are the yole rondes, which are traditional fishing boats. They are used for finishing and racing. People from all over the world come to watch the "nautical ballet" of these colorful boats


The most common language of Martinique are French and Creole. Creole is a mixture of French and African languages with a few other European languages influenced in.
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Carnival is a huge celebration that takes place in all French-speaking countries. It begins the week before Lent and ends on the day of Mardi Gras. Martinique is a little different however, Carnival there ends on Ash Wednesday. The celebration includes parades, music, dancing, etc. Queens of Martinique are elected to control the festivals and the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. They are brought through the parade, dancing to Creole music. Everyday has a new tradition. On Monday, mock weddings are held and the people were Burlesque costumes. On Tuesday, people of Martinique dress up and dance in mirrors. And finally on Ash Wednesday, dancers dress in specific costumes and dance to celebrate Roi Vaval, the creater of Carnival. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, the celebration stops and Lent begins. Other cities famous for celebrating Carnival are Nice, France, Quebec City, Quebec, and of course New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Music and Dance

Music and dance is a very important part of Martinique culture. Most of the older dances come from the first Africans who were brought to the island as slaves in the sugar canes.The rhythm of the songs and the steps are still in existence today. The biguine and mazurka as well as the internationally famous popular zouk or some of the few that originate from those people
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