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Fast Facts

Continent: South America



Area:3,287,611square miles

Main Languages:Portuguese

Main Religions: Roman Catholic

Distance From Capital To Washington D.C.: 4187.17 Miles

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Brazil is a large country it takes up half of south America. Brazil haves forest that cover 65 % of the land. Brazil also has grasslands in the west and northeast or Brazil. They also have two highland plateaus. There weather is so beautiful its always mostly tropical.


In Brazil some kids eat Bread, Milk, and cheese. But it depends on how much there parents make. For dinner they eat Rice, Beans, meat. They also eat a lot of snacks .They also eat France food.


Brazilian kids age seven and fourteen have to go to school Monday through Friday like us .But they either go to school in the morning or afternoon.(Not Both).They also have to wear uniforms . The geography, Portuguese, English, art, math , and science

Things To See and Do

If I lived in Brazil I would love to see there statue . Visit there waterfalls and see there carnival performers . I would even love to visit there play ground
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