January 14th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!


Stephanie Frederick 4th Grade

Hello Ponies! I’m so excited to be here with you all.

If I ever seem weird to you, please let me explain...I did not have a normal childhood. I do not have a hometown. My Dad & I were single for a number of years. He married the woman I call Mom when I was a Junior in High School. We moved A LOT when I was young as my Dad was a commercial contractor, first building grain elevators, and then when the farming lull happened in the early 80’s, we moved to Dallas. He built Valley Ranch, many skyscrapers downtown, the North Texas Ice Arena (which was the first official NHL self contained ice rink in Texas, and the Stars first practice arena), and his last big project before he retired was the Ballpark in Arlington.

From him, I gained a love for building and fixing things. My daughters, Katie (16 - Jr. at Denton High) and Jacie (13 - 8th grade at Krum Middle) currently live in our third flip house. We live in them longer than most flippers because I do all of the work myself except for heavy plumbing and electrical. The girls love helping, and we hope to finish up the townhouse this coming summer. We share our home with 3 furkids. Champ is a 90 pound Boxer, and Rosie and Harley are 10 pounders...they are litter mates, but look nothing alike. Rosie is the Alpha of the 3.

When I am not at school or working on the house, I am watching one of the girls at sporting events. Katie is on her high school swim and water polo teams. She also plays select Water Polo for Thunder, and hopes to play in college...the search is on for her perfect college! Jacie plays volleyball, basketball, and runs track at school. She also plays select volleyball on the North Point 14U National travelling team.

Before I was in Education, I was in Property Management and Insurance. This is my second year as a teacher. I spent one year at Hedrick Elementary as a BIC/SPED Aide after I graduated with my Education Degree from LeTourneau University in 2016. Last year, I taught in Dallas down by Fair Park...We live north of Denton so it was a long 100 mile round-trip commute every day. This year, I am down to 35 miles round-trip and couldn’t be happier! I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know all of you and the kids! Let the adventures begin!

Fun Facts:

  • I lived in 17 towns/cities/boroughs covering 8 states before I started Kindergarten at age 4.

  • I have a mother and a Mom both in my life.

  • I have 2 brothers, Jeff & Matt.

  • I went to Tarleton State, University of Nebraska, and LeTourneau University.

  • I am the daughter of the seventh son. (My Dad is 7 of 8)

  • My children are the daughters of the seventh son as well. (Their Dad is 7 of 9)

  • My birthday is 9/11 and my Dad says I have been in a state of emergency since birth. I spent this year in NYC for my birthday with my “sisters” - we all turned 50 this year!

  • My Mother wanted to name me Rachel, but my Dad didn’t agree. Dad named me after Stephanie “Stevie” Nicks.

  • I am currently working on my Master’s in Teacher Leadership.

  • My long term beau, Mike, and I got engaged in December.

  • My paternal grandfather played baseball for the Dodgers...when they were in Brooklyn.

The Purpose and The Why - LVES Mission and Vision

Although your journey into this next season of the school year is yet to be revealed, each of you have laid out a plan for success. As you focus on the work that lies ahead, take time to re-examine your purpose. Jimmy Casas says, "When you forget your why, you forget you way." I hope at the start of this new semester you will take some time to reflect on your purpose and consider your "why".

What core beliefs do you hold as an educator that make the greatest impact on your work?

"What is the best thing about our school? What is one thing that may be holding us back? Let this information guide your work. Think about your why, so you don't forget your way.

I will be joining your team meetings to share with you the revised mission and vision that was updated at the end of the semester by the leadership team. My hope is to make connections with your why.

Please begin thinking on what the following mean to you:
  • building relationships,
  • impact student learning,
  • intrinsically motivated,
  • thrive academically and socially.

STAFF RECOGNITION - I Statement: Be Positive and Encouraging every day. CIP CONNECTION: GOAL 2 PO 2: We will promote and nurture collaborative relationships essential for a successful school by developing committees and staff recognition incentives.

Teacher of the Month

  • Frazier-she goes above and beyond to really carry out the all means all. Helping students and teachers in all grades.
  • Frederick because she is so nurturing to all her students. Went above and beyond to make sure they had what they needed before they left for Winter break. She handed out coats, jackets, you name it, to each student that was without. She has such a huge heart and I think it’s beautiful the joy she spreads everywhere she goes.
  • Mrs. Wier - She meets the needs of her students both in and out of the classroom.
  • Kristin Frazier, she works hard for her students and team. She is always willing to help her team or any other teacher who asks her for help. She does great with her students and helps with some of the special friends in other rooms. She always has a smile on her face.
  • Mrs. Frazier for her Positive attitude and caring so much for the students.
  • Oporto: because she is amazing and always finds time to help others
  • Mrs. O'Donnell- she helps support her team and is always so positive.
  • Mrs.Oden; she works hard to support teachers every day!
  • Emily Becker, for her dedication to her students and how she set high expectations for her students and supports them.
  • Bodiford, Brandes is very patient, caring and devoted teacher.
  • Mrs. Villegas- consistently builds positive relationships with her students
  • Stephanie Heim. She has selflessly served and helped so many others even as a first year teacher and is exemplary in what it means to be apart of a team.
  • Mrs. Carlson - She continues to support her team and encourage more from her students. She is creative with her approach to teaching and makes it easier for planning and executing.
  • Araceli Hernandez because of her communication, attentiveness to details, and intentionality during teaching. Mrs. Hernandez...Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Always there for all students and staff no matter what.
  • Luimar Franco - goes above and beyond to help not only her students, but entire classes. Thank you for all your help!
  • Mr. Berg is always willing to help out a teacher in need. He has offered to assist one of my friends and has checked on them frequently to make sure they are on task without me asking.

Congratulations to Kristin Frazier for being recognized as January's Teacher of the Month

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Staff of the Month

  • Dickinson for always supporting me with my kids even to help contact parents. She loves what she does and I appreciate all her help!
  • Mrs. Arocha - she is always working to help, is very flexible and understanding.
  • Nurse Meyers- She is so helpful with all the students, she learns their names and makes them feel special when they are with her. She is such an asset to our school.
  • Oden: for being a positive light and a helpful hand!
  • Mrs. Hernandez- she is always kind and and helpful to all.
  • Mrs. Sandra Hernandez, because she always goes above and beyond supporting our students.
  • Mr. Houston. He is always positive and helpful and so patient and kind to all the students he works with.
  • Ms. Dickinson - She works so hard for the students she works with. She holds high expectations of students, and is understanding to them having their moments. She holds students accountable and pushes them outside their comfort zone.
  • Ms. Oden for always having the best ideas and encouragement!
  • Samia Rutherford because she always listens to our needs and tries her best to offer guidance and solutions. She is incredibly resourceful and always willing to go the extra mile to help support us teachers.
  • Gaby Morales - For having patience and jumping in to help students.
  • Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Always there no matter what for all students and staff.
  • Mrs. Rutherford...She is the go to person and for any problems, concerns, or suggestions.
  • Cafeteria supervisor. She is alway very helpful and works tiredly to make sure the cafeteria is functioning even when short staffed.
  • Mrs. Oden. She is professional, caring and positive. She is here to serve.

Congratulations to Wanda Oden for being recognized as January's Staff of the Month

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A message from Mrs. Sammon- New Language Arts Curriculum Adoption

Next school year, the district is adopting new reading and writing curriculum. Our goal is to select curriculum that will allow us to teach the new reading/writing TEKS as well as integrate with Science and Social Studies as much as possible. There are samples of the 4 publishers' materials that the district is considering in the back of the library: HMH, Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Benchmark (on top of the bookshelves in clear packages).

Throughout January, please take the time to peruse your grade level materials either as a team or individually. The district is asking for as much feedback as possible and has offered a survey for staff and the community to fill out.

Please use this link: district survey to share feedback. Materials may be reviewed in grade level teams or independently. The survey will close February 1st.

Our district team will be meeting on Tuesday with the publishers. If you have any questions about the materials for the publishers, please e-mail Mrs. Sammon at sammonv@lisd.net by the end of Monday, and she will take your questions to the publishers.

Staff Learning - Wednesday January 16th

Please click here to see the detailed agenda.

  • 4th Grade will lead a 2 Minute Connection, a 90 Second Spark, or a Circle, and will provide the snacks.
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Kinder - 2nd Istation Check-ins

Please click here to see the date and times for our next Istation Check-ins.
Please click here to see the rest of the Istation Check-ins for the semester.

Before the meeting:

  • Print and bring your classroom distribution report graph and your ISIP report by skill.
  • Identify how many of your students are on each range.

During the meeting:

  • Share 3 things that you can CELEBRATE based on this month's Istation data and running records for your class.
  • Share 2 things that you have been doing in RESPONSE to your Istation data and running records for your class.
  • Create a goal for your Tier I, Tier II and Tier III students for your next Istation Check-in using the Description of Instructional Tiers. (see picture below)

For example, for your students above grade level, your goal might be to increase by 5 points.

For your students below grade level, your goal might be to increase by 10 points (from 204 Tier III to 214 Tier II next month).

We will Identify strategies and resources to use to accomplish these goals, and discuss the skills on which to focus.

Restorative Practices Support

The district is bringing in a Restorative Practices consultant, and we have been selected to receive his services. We are the only campus receiving his support for a full day. He has been assigned to our campus on January 25th from 9:00 to 3:30. I want us to take full advantage of his knowledge. He is the same person that trained us in the summer.

Your Advisory Committee representatives will be asking you for your feedback on the best way to use him to help you? We can differentiate based on each grade level. Not all grade levels have to be the same.

Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Meeting with him during conference times and asking questions/ideas for implementation.
  • Have him model Restorative Practices strategies in your classroom (circles, 2 minute connections, etc).
  • Have him observe your Restorative Practices strategies and provide you with feedback.
  • Provide more training on how to lead Red Circles or Conflict Resolution Strategies.
  • Others ideas: _______________

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Our Pony Week

Monday, January 14th:
  • Jump Rope for Heart Kickoff
  • New Teacher Mtg. after school
  • LA 3-5 LF

Tuesday, January 15th:

  • 3rd, 4th, and Kinder Writing Collaboration (PLC)
  • Mrs. Valdes will join team meetings for 1st, 2nd and 5th
  • Boys LWAL Tutoring

Wednesday, January 16th:

  • Dress for Success
  • Student of the Month Breakfast
  • Staff Learning
  • Science LF

Thursday, January 17th:

  • Awards:
3rd gr. @ 8:00
4th gr. @ 1:40
5th gr. @ 2:15
  • Tutoring
  • Technology LF
  • McDonald's Night

Friday, January 18th:

  • Spirit Day
  • Awards:
Kinder @ 9:15
1st gr. @ 8:30
2nd gr. @ 2:10
  • Staff Luncheon - Kinder. & Cafe. Host

Saturday, January 19th:

  • STAAR Parent Pancake Breakfast

Important Information

Monday, January 21st: MLK Holiday - No school

Tuesday, January 22nd: No PLC
Wednesday, January 23rd: Vertical alignment mtg

Thursday, January 24th: 3rd to 5th Accommodations check ins, Safety audit.

Friday January 25th: Restorative Practices Consultant on campus

Monday, January 28th: NEU Rally, K - 2nd Istation Check-ins

Tuesday, January 29th: 2nd, 5th and 1st Writing PLC

4th Grade Writing STAAR online training after school Part 1: Jan. 29

Wednesday, January 30th: Safe and Civil Committee goes to Bolin for training (Day 1)

Thursday, January 31st Safe and Civil Committee goes to Bolin for training (Day 2)


Click here to submit a Shout-Out.

  • Mrs. Anguita, for being so sweet and helpful giving me some strategies to work with math tutoring students.
  • Mrs. Cichy and Ms. Helbig for always taking initiative during car rider dismissal and calling names from outside whenever there is a need for extra assistance. You two rock!
  • Mrs. Hayes for the student council help last Wednesday.
  • 1st grade teachers for being intentional with hallway expectations. Your ponies do a great job in the hallways when you all aren't around.
  • Mrs. Medlock for her great ideas during planning and data meetings.
  • Ms.Burleson, Ms.Heim, Ms.Y.Bernal, Ms.Hackworth, Ms.Green, and Ms.Frazier for submitting Career Day names! It's not too late if you have someone in mind! :)
  • Mrs. Lopez for leading her team during data meetings.
  • Mrs. Boston for helping me lead the advisory committee when I was sick.
  • Ms. Ramage and Ms. Maurier for revising an important report for Dr. Coborn. You rock!
  • Ms. Ramos for jumping into a new role like a superstar.
  • Ms. Silvia for being so kind to her students.
  • Ms. I. Bernal for having high expectations for her kinder students during the writing process.
  • Ms. Butler for ensuring her students understand the importance of I station.
  • Mr. Fitzgerald for having great communication with his parents.
  • Ms. Y. Bernal for caring so much about her students and never giving up on them.
  • Ms. Brinegar for testing 80+ students :-)

January's Birthdays

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