Flipped Classrooms

Pros and Cons

Pros about Flipped Classrooms

1) Creates an environment where their is less lecture and more hands on learning.

2) Students are actively engaged.

3) Students can gain a deeper understanding about different concepts.

4) Students receive support as they need it throughout the class.

5) You are constantly differentiating for your students.

6) Students can skip parts of the lesson they understand so they aren't sitting in a classroom bored.

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Flipped Classroom

Cons about Flipped Classroom

1) It may be hard to assess understanding of certain standards without in class assessments.

2) Math is a lot of drill and practice. With a flipped classroom the students may not be getting as much practice as they need.

3) Students may not have the technology to complete assignments outside of school.

4) With all that today's students are asked to do when will some of them find time to prepare for the next days lesson.

5) Their may not be a good video lesson for every lesson.

6) When technology fails that negatively affects the lesson.

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