Seasons of Planets

By: Cora Mcelroy


A season is how the weather changes and affects the earth and we have summer, winter, fall, and spring but on other planets it is very different compared to what we have some of the seasons on other planets last years or decades or maybe they are very short and last weeks or days.

How long seasons last on different planets

Mercury has the most bizarre weather compared to what we have because mercury rotates three times a year so the seasons there are really short. But the seasons can be really long and neptune has seasons that last 40 years. There are several factors that affect the weather like the tilt of the planet's axis, temperature, conditions, whether, different places on the earth.

What the sun is made of and how it affects seasons

The sun is about 92,960,000 miles from the earth, but that is different on different planets because they are different distances from the sun. And the sun is basically a giant magnet made of plasma sending heat to the earth and other planets. And how the earth's axis affects how much heat we get in different places on the earth, also affecting how the seasons change.

Facts about the Sun

  • The sun is also known as the red giant

  • the sun is a star that provides heat

  • The part of the sun that is the most hot is the core which is called the Corina and it extends its heat into space to other planets.

  • The sun was born about 4.6 billion years ago and will live about 5 billion more, then it will loose its heat and slowly cool down and be called a black dwarf.

  • It is in the center of our solar system.

Seasons caused by The Sun


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