Cisco Jabber

Quick Start Guide

Hub Window

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  1. Status Message
  2. Search/Call Bar
  3. Contacts
  4. Chats
  5. Calls
  6. Meetings
  7. Voice Messages
  8. Custom Contact Groups
  9. Phone Controls

Phone Controls

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Phone controls lets you select an available phone.

Status Messages

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You can select your status by clicking on the desired status.


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The Calls tab shows a list of recent or missed calls. Hover your cursor over a missed call and select the Call icon to call back.

Right-click items to delete them.

Voice Messages

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The Voice Messages tab lets you access, play and manage your voice messages.

Right-click voice messages to delete or call back.

Chat Window

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Chat windows contain:

  • The search or call bar
  • Tabs for multiple chats
  • Contact picture and availability
  • Chat controls and collaboration controls

Chat Controls

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Use chat controls to:

  • Send a screen capture
  • Send a file
  • Insert an emoticon
  • Edit the font size and color
  • Add participants to create group chats
  • Pop-out the window to show the chat in a new window
Use the Collaboration controls to:

  • Add people to your contact list
  • Share your screen
  • Start a phone call

Making a Call

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  • Find the contact you want to call and click the call icon.
  • You can also right click on the contact and get to the call icon
  • Select the call icon in the chat window.

Call Controls

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Call controls let you do the following:

  • Go full screen
  • Show self-view
  • Open a keypad to enter digits
  • Mute your audio
  • Adjust volume
  • Access the following additional controls:
  1. Hold calls
  2. Transfer calls
  3. Merge calls
  4. End calls

Incoming Calls

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When you receive and incoming call, you can reply with a chat message, answer the call or decline the call.

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