Gabriel Maldonado

Physical features

Indonesia rain forest cover two thirds, and has over 500 active volcanoes.

the population 251,160,124 as of 2014 and the capital is Jakarta.

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1.The Japanese invaded and took over in WW ll.

2. Indonesia elected president Sukarno.

3. Flooding in Jakarta kill dozens and leaves hundreds of thousands of homeless.

4.Java is hit by an earthquake that kills 5,800.

People & places

1. Religion of the people in Indonesian are 86.1% Muslim protestant 5.7% and other 3.4%, Roman Catholic 3%,and Hindu 1.8% .

2. Indonesia people speak Malay,Dutch,Portuguese,Spanish and Sanskrit .

3.Some kids can speak three languages.

4. Indonesian are mostly young.Almost half are under ages 25 and 28.

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1.Soccer is most popular sport in Indonesia.

2.Festival of Eid al-firt last long as two days.

3. Indonesian like spicy food they mostly eat rice.

4.Life as a kid was pretty much to do their homework watch cartoon especially Japanese cartoon.


1. Indonesian can vote at the age of 17.

2.The country of Indonesia is divided into 31 provinces.

3.To help crops to grow is volcanic ash to make soil richer.

4.The name of the money in Indonesia is called rupiah.

Water Buffalo Fights

1.Water buffaloes are used often for farming and carrying heavy loads.

2.The buffalo can betone traditional sport Water Buffalo fight.

3.Water buffalo lock horns until one runs away the one that runs away lose.

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